RUMOR: Will Han Shoot Greedo First Tomorrow in the Digital Release of “Star Wars: A New Hope?”

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According to, those purchasing the digital version of “Star Wars: A New Hope” may be in for a very pleasant surprise.

From BadAssDigest:

If my sources are correct – and we’ll know in about 24 hours – Han will now shoot first in this edition of Star Wars. It’s probably one of the most egregious changes made to the Original Trilogy (and a lot of those changes were egregious) and now, almost two decades after it was included in the Special Edition, it will be gone.

The author says that a number of people have confirmed this to be true to him, but like us, he wont believe it till he sees it.

If this does come true this could be a very good sign that we will eventually see  the unaltered versions of The Original “Star Wars” Trilogy. Bye bye Hayden Christensen!

We wont know for sure until midnight if this is true or not but for now we have “a new hope”…for a few hours.

Source: Bad Ass Digest

*Update – Bad Ass Digest has just updated their story and they are confirming that Han still does not shoot first, based on people who already have purchased the digital versions in Australia.

They are now reporting that there is a 4K remastered version of “A New Hope” that is in the works, or possibly completed, that shows Han shooting first in that version.

There is a 4k remaster of A New Hope. In this 4k remaster, which includes tweaks and small changes, the Han/Greedo scene is altered. The 4k remaster is not what is being used for the digital editions. The existence of the 4k remasters have been known for a while – they were reported in June of last year – but which version was being remastered wasn’t exactly clear. It seems like the 4k remaster is still being held back for… something. A rerelease timed with The Force Awakens? A 40th anniversary rerelease right before Episode VIII? A new box set tied to the release of The Force Awakens?

Only time will tell if this new story is true but I think it is a no-brainier that 4K remasters are being worked on and they will probably be released this year or early next year to coincide with the theatrical release of “The Force Awakens”. And with Disney announcing the release of the digital version of the “Star Wars Saga” just 4 days before their official release, nothing would surprise me anymore.

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  • Hated the revised shooting scene but kind of liked the extra Jabba scene although it did repeat most of the conversation in the Greedo shooting scene. The Jabba scene did have Boba Fett in it.

  • Had to update the story guys. Don’t get rid of that Han shot first shirt just yet, Scott.

    • You know, it didn’t strike me until I read your update, but doesn’t this stuff get downright annoying at times? I mean, take a dump or get off the pot already! Right? They’re gonna, they’re not gonna. This will be, oops, not really… It’s like there are sources out there just intentionally yanking our collective chain.

      Just like when we were talking about the original versions being released a week or so back. Year after year we get a similar rumor. Now they seem to be micro-managing the talking points. “Hey, you that Han/Greedo?”

      It’s enough to make a grown man completely swear off of Star Wars.

      OK, scratch that last part, that was just crazy talk.

      But dammitt, Joe! You know what I’m saying here!

      • You know what also pisses me off is that these so called “geniuses” at Lucasfilm get paid tons of money to remaster and clean up these movies and it seems like every time they make a mistake. When A New Hope was first released on DVD, they accidentally put the music in the rear surround channels and the special effects came out through the main speakers. They have clipped blacks and messed up contrast in the visual presentation. I cant think of any others at the moment but I swear every time they fix something, they end up breaking something else.

        • I didn’t get the DVD of IV until the box set came out, so they had it fixed by that time. But, you’re right. Those kind of mistakes wouldn’t even be acceptable in your local high school A/V club, let alone a billion dollar operation like Lucasfilms.

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