Disney Introduces First “Park Pack” Monthly Merchandise Mystery Box, To Be Sold Online


First previewed last year, Disney is finally getting around to the release of “Park Pack”, a monthly mystery box of Disney Parks merchandise. The first edition being released, called Trading Edition, will go on sale May 14th through the Disney Parks online store. This box will focus on Disney pins and include an exclusive Limited Edition 500 pin, as well as 2 open edition pins guests can not yet purchase at Disney Parks.  The limited edition pins are part of a series and may include characters from animated features or attractions at Disney Parks. The limited edition pins will also have two embellishments (like pin-on-pin or special fills).

The boxes will retail for $39.95 including shipping and subsequently be released on the first Thursday of every month.

“Park Packs” containing other types of items are expected to come at a later date, but no announcement has been made yet.

27 thoughts on “Disney Introduces First “Park Pack” Monthly Merchandise Mystery Box, To Be Sold Online”

  1. I thought this was supposed to compete with lootcrate. Not at that price it won’t

      • The most expensive limited edition pin is $20, most run in the $12-16 range! Still a decent price to get 3 mailed to you for $39.95 but just wanted to keep it in perspective:)

  2. I have been waiting for the Disney Company to release this box, but after reading the initial review I am disappointed with what is included at that $39.95 price point.

  3. Is this box going to be ONLY pins??? or is it just this month theme is pin trading?

  4. “Park Packs” containing other types of items are expected to come at a later date, but no announcement has been made yet.

  5. This stuff is usually just products that companies have that they over bought and this is how they sucker people into buying it.

  6. Totally loved this till the cost part. Most subscription boxes are around $25. Too much for me to get on board.

  7. Steve Miller on the Parks Blog mentioned that this is not a subscription service, but a new box does come out every month. LE500 pins are typically expensive at least more expensive then the average $9.95 Pin. Keep in mind, 3 $9.95 pins with tax are gonna run $31.80ish if you walked into the Emporium and bought 3 pins and none of those are LE500 pins they are basic open editions, and shipping is included. I’m not defending the price, but I see how they got there.

  8. Another question for all interested
    should be ” How many items are you estimated to get in that box for $39.95″. Extremely pricey if you open the box and you have one or two $10 to $15 Pins.

    • 3 Pins- 2 open edition pins and 1 LE500 pin. Merchandise type boxes are to come in the future.

  9. Disney needs to add a note that the value of the items in the box is at or exceeds the retail price of the items in the parks.

    • There has got to be a way to get them in Canada, after all we Canadians spend a lot of money in support of all things Disney. I guess Disney needs to support us a little bit with discount Ted shipping or something.
      I will buy this box,pprobably monthly, if I can get it with out crazy shipping g issues.

  10. After receiving Loot Crate, Nerd Block, Horror Block and now Marvel Collector Corps. I’m sorry Disney but you’ll need to add at least an exclusive t-shirt and an exclusive Funko Pop in each box to make it even close to worthy of $40!!! Sorry but pins aren’t going to do it.

    Check out Everyday Geek on YouTube for episodes I do with my 7 year old daughter and we unbox awesome monthly subscription boxes.

    • ….this isn’t a monthly subscription box, and the math adds up for just pins. I won’t spend it, but I get it.

  11. I hate to say it, but they lost me on the $40 price point as well. Specifically for this box which is only pins, which I have no interest in collecting. For $40 I would expect a t-shirt or a DVD to be thrown in the mix as well, and maybe in future boxes they will be. I know nothing is ever cheap with Disney, but sometimes I feel like their price points are just a little too high.

  12. Well since you have a month to order I’m sure someone will post what’s in the box and you can decide if you want to order it or not. The advantage of it not being subscription based.

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