Unpack Your Pennies, Souvenir Penny Machines Going Digital at Walt Disney World

For decades, Walt Disney World guests have saved their shiny pennies before descending on the Vacation Kingdom of the world, with hopes of turning them into an inexpensive souvenir at one of the resort’s dozens of pressed penny machines. However, something has debuted that may change the timeless souvenir forever…


This new style pressed penny machine was spotted today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Not only does the machine have a digital display and eliminated the use of cranks or illuminating buttons, but you can’t even put your own penny in it


The cost is $1 per penny, or you can get all 12 for $10


The machine takes cash for all options and credit for if you would like them all


Apple Pay and Google Wallet are also accepted

Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney also has one of the new machines featuring Frozen designs. There has been no word if Disney will do away with the old style machines eventually, but it is a real possibility.

What do you think? Does it matter if the machine gives you a new penny rather than pennies you brought with you? Is this just way more convenient?