Rumor: Hayden Christensen *May* Be In “Star Wars: Episode VIII” np


I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. – Obi Wan Kenobi – “Star Wars: A New Hope”

The good news is that right now the following is just a rumor. The bad news is that it even is a rumor.

According to

“A team in the U.K. are soon heading to the U.S. to begin training Hayden Christensen for a Star Wars: Episode VIII appearance of some sort.”

How possible is this? There is some degree of it being true if you have heard the recent rumors/spoilers and in a way it would make sense to bring back the “Force Ghost Of Anakin Skywalker” or even possibly “Darth Vader” for a few scenes in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”……”if” these rumors are true.

I am going to discuss the recent rumor/possible spoiler that has been going around in the SPOILER section below.


Back in 2012, Disney purchased the “Star Wars” franchise from George Lucas for $4 billion dollars and without a doubt the cover boy for the Star Wars franchise is Darth Vader. Disney always had plans for Vader, either it be through spin off movies taking place after “Revenge Of The Sith”, possible flashback scenes in the New Trilogy, “Star Wars Rebels”, novels, comic books, video games and of course merchandise. Just because Vader died in “Jedi” doesn’t mean he will never be used again.

On to the recent rumors/spoilers! WARNING: Spoilers ahead! The following “could” contain some major spoilers for the “New Star Wars Trilogy”.


I got a bad feeling about this. – Han Solo – “Star Wars: A New Hope”

Darth Vader is one of “movies” greatest villains of all times. He is an icon. My personal feeling is that in Hayden Christensen we got a watered down version of Darth Vader in The Prequels that came nowhere close to the great performances by David Prowse and James Earl Jones in The Original Trilogy. Having Hayden Christensen coming back in any form, either Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader, just doesn’t sound right to me. Let’s get to the rumors.


The newest rumor is that Kylo Ren, the new villain in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, is obsessed with Darth Vader and is collecting anything that he can that once belonged to Vader. Why is he doing this? He could be doing it because he is not a Sith and is hoping that any of Vader’s relics will lead him to The Dark Side but it possibly could be that he is looking to clone Darth Vader or maybe even resurrect Vader from the dead.


So far we have seen one amazing trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and one prominent image that we see early on is someone holding the previously charred helmet last seen at the end of “Return Of The Jedi”. More than likely the helmet is being held by Kylo Ren. Also through previous rumors, concept art and even the most recent Force Friday toys, it seems that the light saber given to Luke by Obi Wan in “A New Hope” plays a major role in the story. This light saber was last seen in “Empire” after Vader cut Luke’s hand off in Bespin and hasn’t been seen since. Keep in mind that particular light saber was Anakin/Darth Vader’s original light saber.


One thing that we have learned throughout the Star Wars Saga is that anything is possible. A Clone Army can be cloned from the DNA of Boba Fett’s father; Jedi can appear in the form of Force Ghosts after they have died, and some Sith can cheat death. If Disney really does want Darth Vader back, cloning or even resurrection is probably their best option. Is Kylo Ren collecting Vader’s helmet and light saber in order to bring Vader back for good? Kind of reminds me a bit of Holcruxes from “Harry Potter”. With this evidence, it’s definitely not out of question to bring Darth Vader back.


The other possibility is that maybe Hayden Christensen is coming back as a “Force Ghost” to help the new Jedi in the New Trilogy. He did appear as a Force Ghost in The Special Edition of “Return Of The Jedi”. (Not my favorite Force Ghost of Anakin). Many people (including me) were not crazy about Hayden Christensen’s wooden performance as Anakin Skywalker in The Prequels but I think a lot had to do with the direction, the screenplay and something they both have in common, George Lucas. Maybe with a better story and director, Christensen can redeem himself. I would love to see a flashback scene where we get to see Anakin in the Clone Wars just being completely badass and maybe getting a glimpse of his Dark Side that the Jedi never saw.

Right now these are just rumors and speculation. With all rumors, some are true and some are completely made up. “The Force Awakens” comes out in a few months and maybe we will see some clues as to whether this lean towards the truth, or not.

Source: Making Star Wars