BREAKING: The Earful Tower at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be Removed

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The Earful Tower, one of the long-standing icons of Disney’s Hollywood Studios dating back to 1989, will be removed in the coming weeks.


The area near the Earful Tower is going to become Toy Story Land, meaning the tower would be “visually intrusive” to the story of the land where guests are shrunken to the size of a toy.

Disney has not announced if they will move the Earful Tower, but they have officially stated that it will be removed soon.

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  • I realize that they have to remove it so that they can put the toy story land there, but I’m hoping it is not goodbye!!! I am hoping that they move it somewhere else on Disney property!!!!!

  • I hate everything they are doing to that park. I love movies and they ate taking all of that away for just two movies.
    No lights motor action. …i don’t think disney world is going back in my vacation list

  • I can just imagine Walt rolling around in his grave. Some things you just don’t mess with. Very disappointed in this decision ?

    • Hi Gayle and everyone else,
      I agree with Gayle in regards to “Walt rolling around in his grave”. It is a water tower and I believe it is just going to be dismantled and moved to another location or I so hope. I can understand it would be in the way and true it is not a visible landmark.

  • Last 4 years: When are they going to do something about this park? It’s being forgotten and there’s nothing to do for families! It’s so outdated!

    Last 4 months: Yay, they’re finally doing something about this park! It’s getting the attention it so desperately needs! Can’t wait for the future!

    Last 4 days: This is a disgrace! Why do they have to take away all the classic Disney stuff?! My family will not be coming back! What are we going to do now?

    Jeez… You can’t please everyone.

  • Why not just start a petition on to save the Earful Tower?
    Rally for it and get an many signatures as we all CAN?

  • Change is good BUT there has to be some of the iconic still standing. I mean really the water tower with Mickey ears in Hollywood Studios is to Epcot the big World and the Castle for Magic Kingdom and the Tree in Animal Kingdom. Something are not meant to change.

  • Yes change can be good, but change does not guarantee good. Honestly Toy Story land doesn’t interest me at all. It will be a glorified kiddie land, no more no less. My problem is not that it’s geared toward kids. My problem is we already had a kid land based attraction. It’s called Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Al’s barn was already there. It’s not going to be anything that isn’t similar to what they already had but what are we losing? A fabulous stunt show and we already lost a studio backlot tour. Why go to a studio park when it’s just going to be have an area similar to what they already have at the Magic Kingdom called Mickey’s Toontown Fair? The studio’s needs studio attractions, not kiddie land. I’ll hold judgement for Star Wars land but considering they already have Star Tours, that doesn’t excite me much either.

    • Darren, I totally agree with you. Change is not good if it takes away things that make Disney special, such as the Osborne Lights. I don’t know how Disney can spit all over Christmas like that when it’s their signature holiday event and they just dismiss a 20 year tradition. All for the sake of crappy Toy Story land (I’ve seen the plans, and it’s a joke) made basically for little kids. Is the entire property just going to become Star Wars and kiddie rides? If so, Universal Studios here we come. It’s funny how some of these people are all excited for these announced changes, but I bet once they see them they will realize they are mostly garbage. This is the new Disney under Iger’s management. Over promise and under deliver. Anyone remember that lame Magic Kingdome expansion that took 3 years only to give us a kiddie coaster and another clamshell ride. WOW….that’s the best Disney can do in the 21st century. Guess Iger and the gang didn’t want to cut into their bonuses by actually spending money on good stuff. All I can say is that Disney is lucky Universal does not have the land that Disney does or Universal would be top dog in Orlando. Each year they bring out amazing new attractions and actually spend money to make them state of the art. And Disney rolls out a clamshell ride and tears down their 20 year Christmas tradition. The end of the Iger era cannot come soon enough!!!!