2/24/16 Marvel News Mash-up (Deadpool, Civil War, Daredevil, ETC.)

Fox’s “Deadpool” Is A Hit! What Does The Future Hold For “Deadpool” And “Wolverine”?


It seems that the release of “Deadpool” shocked naysayers and even Fox itself. “Deadpool” pulled in $150 million during the first 4 days of release.

“Deadpool” was the movie that Fox did not want to touch. It was in development limbo for about 10 years. Due to the overall positive response from a leaked test footage trailer, Fox gave the greenlight to have “Deadpool” finally go into production. Fox still didn’t have faith in “Deadpool” and set the movies budget to just $58 million. The budget was even cut by $7 million prior to release and that is why Deadpool has this problem of always forgetting his ammo in the movie.


So why did this movie succeed?

  • One thing is that it stayed faithful to the character. Deadpool is not Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. He is just a nasty, over the top violent superhero (or more likely antihero).
  • The production team also fought for an R rating and they got it. Deadpool would not work watered down and by no means is he a hero for kids.
  • What I also felt played a huge role was the massive marketing campaign. It was rare that I did not see some “Deadpool” commercial in some form every single day.
  • Ryan Reynolds gets the character and you can tell he is a fan of the character and it is shown on screen through his performance.
  • Deadpool, as in the comics, breaks the 4th wall and fans just loved it.
  • Deadpool wears a Bea Arthur tank top in the movie.

Hopefully Fox, Warner Brothers and even Disney will learn the most important lesson. Stay faithful to the character. Which also means origin stories and costumes. Although Deadpool’s origin wasn’t exactly the comic book origin. :)


Before the movie even came out, Fox greenlight the sequel. If you stay at the end for the after credits scene, Deadpool reveals he will be back and joining him will be another fan favorite, Cable. He mentions possible actors that may play Cable are Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and Keira Knightley. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any of those joining the cast though. After seeing this movie, I do have confidence they will cast the perfect actor for Cable.


OK, what about Wolverine? This week we learned that the next Wolverine movie may actually get an R Rating. Hugh Jackman has done an excellent job portraying Wolverine but we still haven’t seen Wolverine in all of his savage glory and that may be coming. The below image from the New York Toy Fair shows an anticipated Rated R rating for “Wolverine 3”.


Congratulations to everyone behind “Deadpool”. It’s success is much deserved.

Comics: Steve Rogers Returns As “Captain America” With New Costume And New Shield



The last few years in the Marvel Universe, Steve Rogers/Captain America didn’t exactly have the best of times. The Super Soldier Serum that gave Steve Rogers his strength and made him Captain America was removed from his body resulting in him aging rapidly and no longer able to be the iconic Cap that we all know and love. Steve’s partner, Sam Wilson/The Falcon, took over the mantle of Captain America and continued to fight for justice and the American way.

One thing is certain in comics. Most popular characters that either die or lose their powers always find a way to come back and Steve Rogers is no exception. Steve Rogers will make his return as Cap in the upcoming comic book series: “Steve Rogers: Captain America”.


Cap’s new costume, to me, looks like a hybrid of Cap’s original costume and the one that we will see in “Captain America: Civil War”. The shield is very similar to the very first shield that Cap used in the comics although this one comes apart and can be used as a weapon(see below).


Steve Rogers: Captain America will be available on Free Comic Book Day, May 7th. To make things even nicer, it will be available for free at participating comic book stores. Check your local comic book store to see if they are participating.

Source: Marvel

New “Captain America: Civil War” Promotional Art



Check out this amazing looking promotional art for “Captain America: Civil War”. Prepare for an epic battle. My only question is “Where is Spider-Man?” Come on Marvel and Sony. Get your act together and lets get a look at the web crawler in full costume already!

Marvel’s “Daredevil: Season 2” Official Trailer


The following pieces are going to be a bit Daredevil heavy. But, that’s OK because Daredevil is coming back and he is bringing fan favorites such as The Punisher and Elektra to the seires for what can only be some of the most epic battles we have eve seen on the series.

This trailer highlights The Punisher/ Frank Castle and you can just tell that they are heading to a show off because they dont agree with each others methods. The Punisher has always been a judge, jury an executioner kind of hero. Daredevil is a lawyer by day and still believes in the judicial system but when the system sometimes fails, that’s when Daredevil goes to work.

Source: Netflix

Original Concept Art For Marvel’s “Daredevil” Shows What Could Have Been


I loved “Daredevil” on Netflix. One of the things that I loved is it stayed so true to the character and tone of the comic. What could have made it even better for me was if we saw Daredevil in his classic all red costume. Turns out that was originally one of the designs (above image) that could have been used nut they went with a more modern design (below).


The above design is also faithful to the comics but when most people think of Daredevil they think of him in his red suit. The image above makes me think that somewhere Batman and Ant-Man had a baby. Deadpool’s costume was spot on in his movie and fans and the audience loved it. Dont mess with classic costumes like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman or Daredevil. Stay faithful to the source and “they will come”.

“Daredevil” Promo Images Gives A Good Look At The Punisher And Elektra

Cbb0VV8WAAAN6ko.jpg large

Marvel has released no promo images Season Two of “Daredevil”. They all look great and just makes March 18th seem so far away. Check them out!


Source: Comic Book Movie

Sideshow Collectible Corner


“Captain America: Civil War”

I could be wrong but it looks like there have been some changes from Cap’s costume in ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron”. Looks like more red was used on the sides and the belt covers the distracting middle red stripe. Maybe. No matter what, this looks really cool!




Sideshow and Hot Toys are very excited to present the new sixth scale figure of the main character from the film – Captain America Steve Rogers!

The movie-accurate Captain America Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War. It features a helmeted head sculpt with two interchangeable lower faces, a newly painted un-helmeted head sculpt of Steve Rogers, a newly developed body that naturally portrays Captain America’s muscularly toned body, a completely new Captain America suit, a metal circular shield, a broken Crossbones helmet, and a specially designed Captain America: Civil War themed figure stand!

“Captain America” is available for preorder through Sideshow Collectibles for a price of $224.99 and will ship during the second quarter of 2016.

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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