Ginnifer Goodwin Wants Zootopia to be a New Land at Disney Parks

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If you read my review of Zootopia earlier this week, you no doubt know that I absolutely love this film. While somewhat embarrassing to admit, by the opening night of the film last evening, I had already seen the movie 4 times and I’m not completely certain that I won’t be seeing it again before it leaves theaters honestly. While I love the animated films of the Walt Disney Company, my first love has always been the theme parks, so when I see a new animated movie, I often drift into a daydream and think about what it could possibly bring in a three-dimensional environment. Needless to say with how much I loved the film, I REALLY, REALLY want to see Zootopia at the domestic theme parks, but Ginnifer Goodwin (voice of Judy Hopps) definitely wants it more…

Goodwin is the voice of Judy Hopps, the optimistic first-ever Bunny cop of the ZPD

Goodwin (who also stars in ABC’s Once Upon a Time) is a lifelong Disney fan and was even tapped to help open New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom back in 2012. Ginnifer has been waiting on the call to be a Disney animated character her entire career and literally accepted the job the second John Lasseter began to ask her over the phone. Goodwin admittedly calls Lasseter her personal “Walt Disney”, and is constantly “bugging” him (in her own words) to let her remain at the Disney studios is some capacity for the rest of her career. However, she is also constantly “bugging” John to make Zootopia a reality at Disneyland.

Goodwin and Lasseter together at the 2015 D23 Expo

Ginnifer admittedly visits Disneyland at least once a month (which makes her pretty endearing to this Disney fan), her favorite attraction being the Haunted Mansion, but it sounds like she could very easily have a new favorite attraction should the world of Zootopia come to life at Disney Parks. When I asked Goodwin about if she would like Zootopia in the parks and what kind of presence it should have, she excitedly told me she wanted a Zootopia-land, “I want all of the world!”

Since she visits Disneyland at least once a month, the voice of the ever-optimistic Judy Hopps obviously is dreaming of the Cars Land treatment for her first full-length Disney animated feature. After seeing the movie a few times, I’m in complete agreement. While I don’t necessarily think Zootopia would be a great fit for Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure, I think Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be itching for a more kid-friendly world after the opening of Pandora: The World of AVATAR next year, a niche that could easily be filled by, oh, let’s say a sprawling, mammal-filled metropolis?

The city of Zootopia is big and immersive, perfect for a theme park
The city of Zootopia is big and immersive, perfect for a theme park

The level of detail in the world seen in the movie would undoubtedly translate amazingly to the theme park realm, so I have no doubt after you see Zootopia that you will be dreaming of visiting Tundra Town or Sahara Square someday soon on a Disney vacation. Well, you can take solace in knowing that Ginnifer Goodwin wants that too.


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  • DCA Hollywood street/backlot area could well be remade into Zootopialand. John Lassiter please make that happen!

  • Maybe replace mickeys toon town at disneyland with a zootopia railroad station (disneyland railroad, formal toon town station) and connected to Star Wars land. And rafiki’s planet watch at animal kingdom too. What do you think for this plan both disneyland park and animal kingdom?

    • Nono.o. i am a huuuuuuge zootopia fan. Ive seen the movie too many times (8 already) but yeah. Do not take away toontown. It would cause hell and is nt favorite part of Disneyland esp since here at wdw they removed it. Pls keep toontown.

      I am in full agreement to getting a zootopia land and feel definately animal kingdom would be fit and def at disneyland too.

      People proclaiming this film the new “lion king” it would make a good statement to the parks and of course monetary, ppl would def come to see zootropolis

  • Glad you got the chance to interview Ginnifer Goodwin. I met her once and she seems very down to Earth.

    Whether Zootopia gets an attraction at Disney Parks depends on the success of the film and merchandise. Frozen opened with a $67 million weekend and Zootopia is track at around a $70 – 80 million weekend, which is a really good sign. It’s a matter whether Zootopia has longevity like Frozen did. I think one thing that this movie has going for it is has more likable characters than Frozen. Frozen had Elsa, Anna, Sven and Olaf. Zootopia has Judy, Nick, Flash, Mr Big, Clawhauser and several others.

    I cant see Zootopia getting it’s own land unless it reaches the $2 billion mark. But I would really like to see a Zootopia dark ride that takes us through the various lands and displays amazing animatronics as well as the original voice cast. I could also see them selling Pawcicles, with maybe a giant Pawcicle shown making the mini one’s like in the movie.

    I have seen Zootopia twice and it does hold up. It may be a bit long for some people though and my only minor negative was the use of Gazelle. Just felt she was in it too much. Thought Shakira’s song was great and worked well in the beginning but think she should have just shown up at the end. 4 out of 5 for me.

    • Only three films in history have made 2 billion! If you want to use that logic pretty much none of the lands in Disney would exist! Plenty of things at Disney World are from films that grossed far less than Zootopia!

  • This is why I say forget about cost neutrality because a number of Disney Fans want what they think Disney is or should be in the parks but at the rate that they possibly cannot have it . As much as I am growing an interest in Zootopia ,
    I wish that we Disney Fans would just stick to how we can make things more magical at the parks instead of trying to
    pirate off Disney’s creativity .

  • Hmmm, could be a perfect fit for the area where currently sits that godawful waste of space, Dinoland.

  • I LOVED the movie too, and would really enjoy getting to visit this world in real life. As a side note, this was not Goodwin’s first animated feature film. She previously voiced Fawn in Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. I expect she will continue to do voices, and perhaps live feature films once, One Upon a Time has run its course.

  • I loved the movie every little bit of it, it gave me chills at so many parts of the movie and at the end I felt like crying because of how good it was ? So I really really REALLY hope they make a ZOOTOPIA land I’ll email disney!! ?

  • Yes, Zootopia deserves a land! This is a film that everyone thought would do nothing yet it’s grossed almost 1 billion at the time of this post! And has a huge following to boot! Also if Cars and even Avatar…. I’m not even going to talk about that. Got a land, Zootopia deserves one also!

  • Not at disney land, have it at disney world. Animal kingdom needs more attractions desperately and it would be a great fit for a Zootopia world you could have people play the disney zootopia characters like even the citizens and such and just walk around the park so visitors would feel like they werein zootopia. the cafes , could be zootopia themed even some you se ein the movie like the jumbo pop store and ice cream shop in the movie could be an actual store. The park could have the different zonesdistricts and an actual people mover could be the subway with the subway map and stations around the city the city could have an entrance train ride where you’d go in like judy hopps does with the dome car and such and a view of the spires of zootopia in the distance.

    each zone/district could have different rides like the rainforest district you could have a aerial type ride. and run into manchas =)

    another ride could be judy chasing the weasel through the mouse land. And you coudl have a disney ZPD escape experience where you are booked into ZPD for stealing one of clawhauser’s doughnuts and have to try to escape ;-)

  • Sound to me like a EXCELLENT IDEA! I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited if this were to actually happen!!!! Especially if it’s in Disneyland in California!! (I’M JUST AS BAD AS GINNIFER GOODWIN, NO DOUBT!)

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