REVIEW: Oasis Canteen Digs Up New Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Nuggets

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For as long as I can remember, Oasis Canteen at Hollywood Studios has served funnel cakes. Suddenly last week, they debuted an all-new menu with chicken nuggets.



Not only are regular chicken nuggets offered either in an adult or kids meal, but there are also sweet chili-glazed chicken breast nuggets.


I of course had to order the sweet-chili glazed nuggets as I have been missing the spicy buffalo nuggets recently removed from the nearby Backlot Express.


Let’s start with the good: the nuggets. These are pretty perfect. I love the mix of spicy and sweet in the flavoring. While I would personally pick the buffalo sauce over this, I understand that I’m in the minority who usually choose spice over flavor. I would equate this sauce to a sweet and sour sauce you might find at a Chinese-style restaurant. Regardless, these are great and turn the ubiquitous chicken breast nuggets into something more exciting (and flavorful) and actually worth ordering versus other counter service offerings.

My only  problem here was with the side offering. Carrots and celery aren’t a bad thing, they just weren’t good in this dish. I don’t know if it’s the place they are being stored at in this booth or what, but they just didn’t taste great. The chips are chips, which is a nice addition if you can’t offer fries I guess.

Overall, the chicken is the star and main offering, so if those are great, I guess that’s good enough. I’ve never been wowed by a counter service side dish that wasn’t the house-made chips, so I won’t start complaining about the other side dishes now (even though fries here would be an improvement). Regardless, I will be stopping here again for the sweet chili-glazed chicken nuggets.

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But what about the funnel cake?? It’s gone???