Disney Infinity’s Final Update is Now Live

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The final patch for Disney Infinity 3.0 is now up! The update has added the Finding Dory characters to the Hall of Heroes and provided some descriptions along with them. Also, new toys have been added to the Toy Box.

There are now five new pages of toys for the upcoming Finding Dory playset including a new Manta Ray vehicle. This vehicle answers the question of how underwater characters will be able to move on land. Movement will be similar to two-legged characters but there will be a bit of space between the ground and the character and in that space will be some bubbles to show a swimming effect. Lastly, a new Alice Through the Looking Glass skydome will also be available once a character from that series is placed on the portal.


And that’s all she wrote! Unless Disney surprises us with something new in the future, this should be the last update for Disney Infinity 3.0.


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I would love to see the sales numbers for these two final sets. I am curious on how the announcement of the discontinuation of Disney Infinity will affect their sales.

Nic Kramer
Nic Kramer

And they didn’t even put out a Goofy figure before they ended production. Well, at least it lasted longer than I expected (I thought this series would last six months instead of three years).