Lots Of Information On “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”; First Concept Art Image Of Darth Vader

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An official preview of the “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: The Official Guide” has been released and it has some never before seen information about new characters, new vehicles and even the big guy himself: Darth Vader. So if you had any doubts about whether Darth Vader was going to be in “Rogue One, he’s in it.

Below are some preview images along with descriptions courtesy of /Film:


The official companion book to fall’s most anticipated release of Star Wars Rogue One. Never-before-seen interviews, images and teasers from this major motion picture. Detailed, in-depth character profiles, iconic vehicles, weaponry and droids. Lucas Films proudly presents the official companion book to this fall’s most anticipated release of Star Wars Rogue One. Featuring never-before-seen interviews, images and teasers from this major motion picture. Experience all the thrills with detailed, in-depth character profiles, iconic vehicles, weaponry and droids you’ve been looking for. Featuring 160 pages of action-packed photos and content, this official Lucasfilm collector’s book is a must-have for every Star Wars fan.


Character Names:

  • Felicity Jones plays Jyn Erso , a highly skilled soldier and warrior.
  • Diego Luna plays Captain Cassian Andor , an officer in the Rebel Alliance.
  • Jiang Wen plays Baze , a freelance assassin
  • Riz Ahmed plays Bodhi, a rebel soldier.
  • ??? plays Pao , an alien who is described as a “fierce warrior”. Looks like another computer generated character.
  • Donnie Yen plays Chirrut, who is described as “a spiritual warrior.”
  • ???? plays Bistan, another CG-looking alien who is also described as “fierce warrior”.


Most interesting is we now know what computer generated character Alan Tudyk plays in the film, an imperial model K-250 enforcer droid. While most of the text on this page is filler, it does appear that the droid character was a former Empire security droid who somehow joins the film’s group of rebel fighters on this daring heist.


Another page reveals information on one of the Imperial villains: Ben Mendelsohn plays Director Krennic, a military director for the Empire. Yeah, not very much there but it appears that his job is to prevent the rebellion from getting the Death Star plans which should make him the main villain of the film even though a couple of these pages confirms that Darth Vader will make some kind of appearance.


New Vehicles:

The book also confirms some new vehicles on both sides of this war, including an Imperial TIE Striker and a Rebel Starfighter, “a versatile rebel alliance craft that balances speed with the firepower of proton torpedo launchers.” Both look cool and feel like they would definitely fit in during the New Hope era even though we didn’t see them in the original trilogy.


Source: /Film

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Terence ONeill
Terence ONeill

Can’t wait to see the movie

Joe Hogarty
Joe Hogarty

Think this movie is going to surprise a lot of people. This should be Star Wars: Episode 3.5.