REVIEW: Not Your Average Crepes, The AristoCrepes Opens at Disney Springs

Somewhat themed to the Disney animated film The Aristocats, the Aristocrepes is a food stand located on the Village Causeway at Disney Springs, just steps away from the Rainforest Cafe and Goofy’s Candy Company.


The menu here offers an assortment of savory and sweet crepes, which I can best equate to food wrapped in a pancake of sorts.


I just couldn’t stomach a “savory” crepe on Friday, so we went with three of the sweet crepes instead.


I started with the S’mores since that seemed to be the one most of our readers were excited about. It’s good, it’s really good, but also kind of a disaster to eat. The handling box is nice, but I really think a knife and fork are the best option here, so just add some plates and maybe I would have enjoyed this more. Again, a themed box is a wonderful thing, and I don’t want to knock it because it’s a beautiful thing, but these are just too messy.


It’s essentially S’mores in a pancake, which is as good as it sounds… filled with big chunks of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers.


The Key Lime Cheesecake was good as well, if you like key lime cheesecake. I don’t like key lime cheesecake so I did not like this one, but the other two in my party loved it.




Last, but not least was the Strawberry Romanoff, which I was surprised to find out was not based on the Avengers… but all joking aside, this was everyone’s favorite. The strawberry flavor seems more natural inside of a crepe than all of the S’mores ingredients do.


The whipped cream and sour cream mixing with the strawberry inside here was just perfect. I would get this again if I was made to stop at AristoCrepes (if not holding out for a milkshake from D-Luxe Burger or something from Sprinkles).


AristoCrepes continues the new Disney Springs tradition of making me sound like a broken record. At this point I’m actually hoping something will be bad just so I don’t look like I’ve gone over to the “dark side” and am just trying to make Disney more money. Regardless, there isn’t much I can say bad about anything I’ve tried here so far, it was all really good. That being said, Disney doesn’t seem to know what is actually in any of this stuff. Apparently everything in these crepes is made at an outside facility, so they couldn’t even provide us with an allergy menu upon our last visit. I’m not sure it is always good for a food service venue to not know what is in what it is serving, but I’m sure this will be rectified after a few complaints from those with food allergies.

AristoCrepes is another solid dessert option at Disney Springs, but would be a 3rd or 4th choice for me given some of the amazing options already here.