Via Napoli at Epcot Adds New Menu Items In Celebration of Serving 1 Millionth Pizza


Via Napoli at Epcot recently celebrated the serving of their 1 millionth pizza pie since the restaurant opened back in 2010. In celebration, the menu has undergone a minor shakeup, including the addition of some new signature pizza pies.


They’re even offering a limited time pasta special – Truffled fettuccine carbonara with guanciale “italian Bacon” egg noodle and pecorino cheese.


New Pizzas include Affumicata – White pizza, smoked salmon, arugula, pomodorini, and stracchino, as well as a Broccolini pie which includes fresh cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, porchetta robiola, and broccoli rabe.

These additions to the menu do not detract any offerings that have made the restaurant a hit at Epcot over the last 6 years, meaning guests have more than ever to choose between. MAybe you can even leave some room for dessert…


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