2017 Brings Major Snack and Dessert Changes to Walt Disney World Dining Plan

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In 2017, dessert will be removed from all eligible counter service meals on both the Quick Service Dining Plan and the Basic Disney Dining Plan Packages. Replacing the dessert on both the Quick Service and Basic Plan will be the addition of a second snack credit daily. Overall this proposed change has the most effect on the Quick Service Plan who lost its second snack a number of years back and now loses two desserts and gains back a single snack. Other major changes include elimination of the rarely used Platinum and Premium plans.

  • 2017 Proposed Quick Service Dining Plan
    • 2 Quick Service Meals (Entree & Drink) per person per day
    • 2 Snack Credits per person per day
  • 2017 Basic Dining Plan
    • 1 Quick Service Meal (Entree & Drink) per person per day
    • 1 Table Service Meal (Entree, Drink and Dessert) per person per day
    • 2 Snack Credits per person per day

These changes come no doubt to bring better balance to the plan after last May when Walt Disney World began allowing dining plan patrons to swap drinks and/or desserts for any snack eligible item at quick service locations and allowed desserts to be swapped at table service locations for a fruit place, small salad or cup of soup.

The Deluxe Disney Dining Plan is not expected to experience any changes.

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  • It is noted on the Deluxe Dining Plan PDF document that Quick Service meals lose their desserts, meaning it is across the board. This leaves guests up to 3 desserts down per day on what was available in 2016 (though I doubt anyone would use the Deluxe plan in this way).

  • So basically Disney’s screwing people out of one dessert/snack each day with the new quick plan.

    Thanks for nothing Shanghai.

  • Anyone who’s getting screwed over by the dining plan and it’s changes can only point the finger back at themselves for buying into it in the first place. It’s been ages since the DDPs have been a value. You’re far better off paying cash.

      • Because, on average, when you get the dining plan you are actually paying about $75 – $150 MORE than if you paid cash. This number could grow to +$500 depending on how long and where you eat.

    • It’s worth it if you get it for free during the promotion. It’s the ONLY type of discount we will ever get when we visit near the Christmas holiday.

    • I disagree. We’ve compared the lower three plans (QS, DDP, and Deluxe) and saved our receipts for all our plans, then compared it to what we were paying. We’ve always paid less for a dining plan (3 adults because Mancub is 10+) than we would have with out-of-pocket costs. Including the drink refills at the resort. Not to mention the convenience of having everything pre-paid and not worried about budgeting food once we arrived on site. If people are paying more for the plan than what it would be out of pocket, I think maybe they aren’t using the plan to its full potential. We saw the most bang for our buck using the Deluxe dining plan. Even after we used two credits for Le Cellier, the cost of the meal was way more than what we paid for the plan.

      I like the new changes. The dessert wasn’t a big selling point for us, so to be able to gain a snack to use for something we’d prefer eating is a plus.

  • I rather not eat so many desserts, and I don’t want to just take one only to throw it away. I always asked to swap a dessert for something else (like a yogurt) at QSRs. Half the time the CMs working the registers said I couldn’t do it or did not know how to put it in the computer. Told them it’s been done before but falls on deaf ears.

    (Before anyone asks, we usually visit when the free dining promotion is going on.)

  • We used platinum and premium plans. Why take that away. I don’t lkke having to budget after we get there

  • I like this better. When we had the free dining plan it was soo much food. After our 2nd we stopped getting the dessert. Also you can use that extra snack credit for a cinnamon roll or muffin and really kind of get a 3rd “meal”.

    • It may be too much food for you, but not for others, especially those with teenage boys! The whole point is, every year the DDP costs more and you get less. You would think that they could at least have it say “either desert OR soup OR salad” that would be great! For those who are not big eaters …why even purchase the DDP?

      • 100% agree. With growing kids, and the fact we weren’t paying about $75.00 per QUICK DINING sit down (with the desserts), the savings were really apparent. But Disney continues to put the screws to us by raising prices and taking away items every year. I’m only guessing but perhaps wasting 5.5 billion dollars building something no one wanted in China, could be the reason? With the economy doing so poorly you’d think they’d be a bit more sensitive to Canadians and Americans who already can barely afford to stay at Disney. It’s becoming ridiculous!

  • I am going in a few weeks. Have the basic dining plan: one sit down, one counter, one snack. Would someone point me in the direction of where I can swap a dessert out for a side salad, fruit plate or cup, or cup of soup? We never eat all our desserts but get them only to waste most of it. Would rather have the salad. Anything else we can substitute? I remember two years ago, we could take three snacks and get a counter service meal. Does that still work? Appreciate your help.

  • I think the idea for an extra snack instead of dessert is terrific! Some of the meal options have been confusing in the past when we have used the Basic Dining Plan, swapping fruit for juice, etc. The dining plan really does save $$ as when we got a bill for the Garden Grill in Epcot so we could see what the charge was for the tip, the meal bill was over $700 for 13 of us. The Dining Plan was a huge relief, knowing how we saved instead of paying out of pocket! When you use the dining plan with a group and include it with your package vacation, the savings is amazing!

  • I have just been reading this and a bit annoyed, I have rebooked our holiday for 4 weeks in 2017 and booked the Disney dining plan for table service for our stay and Disney/Virgin holidays have not mentioned any change to what we have already paid for.

  • I agree with the new plan.. We never eat our dessert. We give it to people that are sitting around us. We don’t eat that much anyway. I would rather the snack in it’s place …… We can use it at Starbuck for a frappicino…..LOL…

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