Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Moving Away From ADRs, Walk-Up Availability Only

With the Skipper Canteen recently abolishing long term plans to only be available for walk-up guests or same day reservations, it seems Plaza Restaurant will now be adopting the model.


While existing ADRs will be honored, future reservations can only be made for one hour a day, between 11:00AM and 12:00PM in the afternoon. Otherwise, the restaurant will now only be taking walk-in guests or those with pre-existing ADRs that have been booked in advance for the next 180 days. We assume once all pre-booked ADRs are honored, the Plaza Restaurant will become available only via walk-up.

For years, spontaneous guests have complained about little availability around Walt Disney World for walk-ups at table service establishments, so this may be Disney’s first attempt to appease guests who oppose pre-planning.

Skipper Canteen recently moved to the 180-day reservations to improve attendance at the restaurant in an attempt to stave off the “dumbing down” of the menu that has been rumored as of late.

5 thoughts on “Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Moving Away From ADRs, Walk-Up Availability Only”

  1. I’m a little offended that Disney would label this as a way to “appease guests who oppose pre-planning”. Some guests make the trip on the spur of the moment, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. In years past I would make 2-4 trips a year when I could string a few days together. I’m not opposed to pre-planning; I sometimes just don’t have the option of a 3+ month window.

    • I think that’s the language Tom chose to use in writing the article and not Disney. I agree with you though. Sometimes I take a trip (live 3 hours south of WDW) up to WDW and am hamstrung when it comes to dining since i didn’t make reservations 587432750894270598274 days in advance, Disney from what I know does keep tables open for walk-ups but they tend to fill up quickly. Poor wording choice by Tom.

  2. Another reason they would never mention is people sit at the Plaza during parades for way longer than normal people take to eat. This creates situations where people wait for 45 minutes past their time and still don’t have a table. I learned this from personal experience.

  3. Excited to hear this news, we have visited several times and it can be very disappointing when you are looking for a nice place only ti find out it is reservation only. GREAT decision WDW

  4. Living in Florida and going to WDW with my annual pass on days that look like good weather…..I have never planned all that far ahead. Sometimes I get lucky at the better restaurants (as I did @ Nine Dragons last month) but often settle for something quick. This is great news for those of us who would rather have a nicer meal while at Disney. More, please.

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