RUMOR: Mission: SPACE Getting Guardians of the Galaxy Overlay? More IP Attractions Coming to Epcot?

This rumor is pretty far out there, but it seems to be gaining some traction, so it might be worth talking about…


The latest rumor making the rounds says that the Mission: SPACE attraction at Epcot may be getting a Guardians of the Galaxy overlay. This does make some sense since it sounds like the Tower of Terror in Florida will be spared the Guardians of the Galaxy overlay coming to California, but probably makes little sense in the Epcot of today.The Epcot of tomorrow, well that’s a different story…

TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland on June 13, 2016 -  three days before the scheduled grand opening.   PHOTO BY JEFF GRITCHEN, ORANGE OOUNTY REGISTER
TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland on June 13, 2016 – three days before the scheduled grand opening. PHOTO BY JEFF GRITCHEN, ORANGE OOUNTY REGISTER

There has certainly been rumors of the TRON Lightcycle Power Run attraction coming to Walt Disney World, even before it was announced for Shanghai Disneyland. Current rumblings place the TRON ride somewhere in Future World, while inside sources seem confident that the Ratatouille attraction from Paris will land in the France pavilion before the end of the decade.

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Is an Epcot riddled with IPs on the way? The addition and success of Frozen Ever After in Norway leads me to believe it is. What will this mean for the future of the park? Is there any life left in the original vision for the park? Not under the Iger administration which seems hellbent on installing all of the company’s most current Intellectual Properties at the Disney Parks around the world.

None of this is confirmed at this time, and some of it I haven’t really been able to even feel out with any inside sources at the company yet. Regardless, stay tuned for any further information on these rumors should more information become available.

  1. All three of these additions sound like a step in the right direction for Epcot. They haven’t kept up with the concept of it being a community of tomorrow for a long time. While Frozen doesn’t seem like a good fit for Norway, it’s bringing in guests that the park so desperately needs. TRON would probably be the closest in regards to newer technology, despite it being a computer fantasy, so to speak.

    1. “While Frozen doesn’t seem like a good fit for Norway, it’s bringing in guests that the park so desperately needs.”

      Epcot is ranked 6th in the world for most visited park in the world. I always get annoyed when I see folks screaming about Epcot’s attendance.

      While I’m a huge fan of the updated Soarin idea, I greatly hate the shift from Norway to Arendelle. Maelstrom wasn’t the greatest ride, but it did have the spirit of Norway. That being said, Frozen has done amazing things for Norways tourism, and I do believe it was a smart move, but the shift away from making the world showcase about the world scares me.

      Also, Epcot is going to be interesting if the push is for a more “Kids” friendly park. I can’t wait to see food and wine around 7pm, with a majority of adults completely blasted, and its even more crowded and kids packed.

  2. The tron ride for epcot maybe the wonders of life pavilion. I wish to have big hero 6 attraction and a jet packs like at shaghai’s tommarrowland at epcot.

      1. Yes at tokyo, well I was thought the big hero 6 3D at the imagination theater.

  3. The Tron attraction fit inside several unpopular locations for the indoor ride portion. The Energy or the Communicore/Innoventions buildings. I hesitate on the Tron theme since Test Track already looks similar. Maybe they can settle on a different color scheme like green or orange so the ride doesn’t look similar.

    The park desperately needs some flat carnival rides for kids and new overlays for Imagination, The Land boat ride, and Energy. I suggest Inside Out for Imagination.

    1. Do not suggest Inside Out for Imagination! It’s not gonna happen.

      A new Dreamfinder and Figment ride is in the works.

      1. I hope not. Dreamfinder and Figment are in Imagination’s past. Actually, I thought they are rather insulting for insinuating their guests have no Imagination without these storytelling devices. Inside Out is quite popular and it would be better for the attraction.

  4. After reading this article (peppered with cynicism) I can truly say “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” There’s no winning with hardcore Disney fans that tend to find more to complain about that to be grateful for. Think of how Disney was 15-20 years ago. Under Eisner, the company was pumping out animated sequels monthly, Disneyland was falling into disrepair, Pixar was almost lost, the film division was producing crap (with the exception of the occasional hit) while the entire company was being micromanaged. Iger comes in and turns all that around. Because of Iger we got new Star Wars, the current MCU (WITH Spider-Man), we got a new awesome Fantasyland, Downtown Disney doesn’t suck anymore, they’re expanding Animal Kingdom, a STAR WARS land is coming for Pete’s sake!!! My god, people! This should be considered another golden age of Disney parks! Instead of constantly looking for something to complain about, stop being so bitter and jaded and enjoy it!

    1. Thank you said it tired of all these negative people.Disney is doing so much and all people do is complain about the construction going on and not about how amazing it’s going to be.

    2. I agree because “an Epcot riddled with IPs” is the future. It’s the reality like it or not. Disney’s Imagineering is out of ideas for designing unique attractions especially when they are outdated by the time they open. The latest Tomorrowland attraction won’t last 10 years. IP will save the attraction because characters and stories will never lose their power. People just get mad because they originated in a movie, which started out as stories and then get refined into a product that lasts 2 hours or less. The storytelling mediums have changed. People need to get up to speed that a good story via films was marketed in brutal real world conditions. BTW: The EPCOT name of the park will have to changed in the future for it makes no sense today.

  5. Not a fan of the gardians idea, but I do feel ratatouille would be a viable replacement for the French film. The imagination pavilion does need a new figment ride, perhaps use the ratatouille ride vehicle with visual graphics and technology from the new pirates ride in shanghai. As for the rest of the park. Inside out could save the life pavilion, so much potential with that film, besides the movie was somewhat based off cranium command. If you want big hero 6 I feel the best place for him would be the universe of energy, who knows baymax may have a time travel function? As for world showcase, do what was planned to begin with. Put a Mary Poppins ride in th UK (there is a sequel in the making). Add an attraction to Japan as originally planned. There was suppose to be a bullet train simulator and I also heard rumors of a matterhorn like ride in Mt fuji. Germany also had plans for a Rhine river tour ride that never came about, and Canada had a log flume planned before splash mountain was built. You don’t need to over saturate the park with charecter, but if you do don’t lose the soul of epcot in the process. For example finding nemo in the seas pavilion still teaches the message of sea life conservation, as does the lion king in the land. Epcot can be saved and retain it’s heritage with one of Walts greatest teaching tools IMAGINATION.

    1. I agree 100% with you except I don’t know where you would put all these rides other than expanding the size of World Showcase itself if there is room. It is already full of shows and shops so finding a place for all of these ideas will be difficult but is needed for the future success of the park

      1. There’s quite a few open expansion pads in World Showcase. Check out Google Earth for a view from above.
        This is one of the reasons the lack of any new Country Pavilions being added for so long is very frustrating.

  6. I’m all for change despite the loss of Epcot’s original conceit. It hasn’t been that park in over a decade though. I would love to see Energy some how worked into Guardians but if its just Guardians, that’s cool with me too. Mission Space desperately needs an update. Make it different like Star Tours is. I’d love to see Big Hero Six take over inventions. Inside Out deserves an attraction whether that’s a Life update or Imagination. I also would really like to see Ratatouille in France. It would add life to that side of the World Showcase. Each country could really use something. Why not give Mulan something formal in China especially since it is so important to the Florida history too?

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