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PHOTOS: Disney Springs Currently Testing Temporary Rental Phone Chargers

FuelRods have certainly been dominating the Walt Disney World news cycle for a while now, and with Disney rolling out step by step directions in the MyDisneyExperience app, it’s understandable as to why these portable phone chargers are becoming such a big deal at the parks right now. Guests are going to be using up a lot of battery life utilizing this service, so making sure guests have a viable way to recharge their devices seems like a good idea. Well, Disney Springs is currently taking this plan a bit further…


Guest Relations locations have always given guests the option to leave their devices for charging, but never before have they rented out phone chargers to guests. Disney Springs is currently testing the program, under which guests can head into guest relations and choose if they would rather leave their device to charge or borrow a charger from Disney. If a guest chooses to borrow a charger, they can leave a $35.00 deposit and take a charger with them. When the guest is done with the charger, they can return it to get back the full deposit. Pretty nifty, huh?

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The charger is pretty small, with a 2200mAh battery capacity. They are pre-charged by Disney for guest use. Guest relations does have a few iPhone and Android device USB cords available, but you may want to have your own with you as the cords are in short supply there.

The program has not been rolled out to the parks as of yet and is exclusive to Disney Springs at this time, but may very well roll-out to other locations soon.

  1. thats odd with them just installing the vending machines in the parks and at disney springs where you can purchase one

  2. I like the whole Free part (after deposit refund). Too bad it’s still just that small market. I predict in the future it’ll be an amenity of staying at a Disney Resort.
    Pool, Wifi, local calls, TV channels…and portable battery!

  3. It is becoming a way of life. Look how many power points new cars have. Armrests have cable pass through in them. Most stadiums have charging stations in them too. It’s funny when you leave DL or DCA at night and you see some people sitting next to the ticket booths with their phone chargers plugged in to the outside outlets.

  4. This is the first phone I’ve ever had, a note 5, that doesn’t have a replaceable battery. I won’t be buying another one. Having to go through all that or carry a huge battery case is a major step backwards for the phone industry.

  5. I NEVER thought to purchase one of these until the University I teach for gifted them to us one year. I use it all the time and it is invaluable while spending an entire day at Disney. I strongly suggest everyone get one regardless if it is for your vacation or business.

    Being a Apple / Mac user, unfortunately the battery life needs work for all of it battery sucking apps.

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