PHOTOS: Magic Kingdom Adds Alligator Warning Signs Inside Theme Park Areas

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Disney’s resort hotels won’t be the only place guests will find the now infamous alligator and snake warning signs. The Rivers of America waterfront area in Frontierland and Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom now has the signs posted about every 20-30 feet along the shoreline.





This is the first appearance of the signs inside of a Walt Disney World theme park. There has been no word on if these signs will ever be themed in some way to fit their surroundings or if they will remain in this style. No other Walt Disney World theme parks have added the signs as of yet.

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    • Who cares about theming? Put the signs in so people wont go near the water sources. Its about safety. It doesn’t ruin the day or the awesomeness of Disney, for me at least

      • Theming is important though. This is Disney, not Six Flags. There have always been alligators and snakes in Central Florida, that hasn’t changed. You are essentially entering any standing water in Florida at your own risk.

  • I don’t like seeing these signs everywhere. It takes away from the theming of the different lands. It shouldn’t be Disney’s job (inside the parks) to tell people that animals can be deadly. Around the 7 Seas Lagoon is one thing, but this is a horse of a different color.

  • Geeze Louise people. It sure is the job of Disney to warn park guests from all over the world, who may not be used to gators, that they are a REAL threat. To not do so is a disservice to their guests.

  • Wow those are so ugly :( just seems unneeded. Such a tiny chance of a trying bad happening. Can you even touch the water in the magic kingdom?

  • First off, this is not directed towards any of the previous posters but people in general.

    You know what I do not like, it’s the whole “dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t” problem. No matter what Disney does or does not do, people will never be satisfied. And you never hear from them until after something happens. People said there should have been signs. There were signs. Well, those signs were not specific enough. So,they made new more specific signs. Now, these signs intrude on the theming. I suppose if they made signs that blended in more with the area and something happens, the same people will complain that they thought that the signs were part of the story and did not think they were real. Or, that they didn’t notice them because the signs did not stand out.

    Its the same with the fences recently installed. Before the incident, no one cared. Afterwards, people complained that there should have been fences up a long time ago. So, Disney put up fences. Now, If a child ran under the fence and something happened, then people would have said that it should have been closed in. So, they put up netting. After that, should something happen, people will say it should have been a chain link fence. But only a 3 foot high one as to not ruin the scenery. Then, if a child climbed over the fence, went into the water and was attacked, well then Disney was at fault because the fence should have been seven feet tall. When does it all end? I am not suggesting that nothing be done, but too many people find it easy to complain and lay blame after the fact. And, I just wish that more people would take responsibility for their actions rather than blame everyone else for their negligence or lack of common sense.

    • ” You know what I do not like, it’s the whole “dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t” problem.
      No matter what Disney does or does not do, people will never be satisfied.”
      Ken , I could not have said it any better . You`ve just torched about 60 percent of what I was about to post .
      The most upsetting to me is in this is that Disney will always wind up drawing in those few people who
      act like they have no appreciation for anything and it is causing a war to be erected in the Disney Atmosphere if you will .
      We have just had the war over services for guests with disabilities that has been fueled by park overcrowding
      and it is like what is next the war over guest protection measures because that is what I am feeling based on the
      complaints about the theming of the signs , etc .

    • Yes, but the elephant in the Disney Room is their cheapness. They used to have wildlife management teams to deal with this stuff. They fired them. They have cut corners left and right, and the cheaper alternative to actually hiring staff to MAKE it a good experience and safe, is to post a bunch of signs.

      DISNEY IS responsible to keep the parks safe and we have watched their greed take over everything. Signs are a bandaid. Correctly managing issue, as they did for decades before the severe cut backs over last couple years, is the solution.

      • There were always gators there (and I go back 40 years) as the park is set up near open waters which the can’t blocked off.
        Also even Disney cant fix Stupid

    • Ken…the problem is, we now live in a very divided country (and world). Which means, you cannot please half the people, all the time. Look no further than our political situation to see the evidence and results of this division. As a society, there is very little compromise or give and take. Whether it is race or gender or politics or education or really anything….we are divided and seemingly unwilling to bridge the gap. So, no, Disney will never please everyone with any decision. It’s a sad time in history.

  • You could put a six foot fence up and a gator could still climb over it. No Kidding! Go to YouTube and see how these puppies can get over tall fences it’s unreal.

  • I’ve know there have been gators at Splash Mountain and Tom Sawyer Island. Disney will never again be accused of not warning people. I’m sure it will give me pause for a moment when I first see a sign like this in the parks…but I will just move on with my vacation!

  • Don’t worry, one day someone will still ignore the signs and then complain that there weren’t “enough” signs.

  • When ever the family wanted to see a gator we know that if we went to the area by Splash Mountain we would see a couple
    The cast members explained that there was no way to keep the gators out as it was an open water way.
    The funny part was said cast members had names for all the gators
    I know that sounds silly after recent events but the cast members kept a close eye on the visitors so they did not get too close

  • It is not Disney’s responsibility to constantly parent other people’s children or warn them of nature. It wasn’t Disney’s fault or the parents, it was nature being nature. Not everything needs to have a villain and victim. This is pure overreaction. They took out the croc from the Peter Pan float in the day parade. Are you kidding me?! Hopefully a bear doesn’t hurt someone on property because then both Pooh, Splash Mountain, and Country Bear will have to close.

  • I haven’t traveled outside of the US but if I ever went to a country that has lions, tigers, rhinos, or hippos I know not to go near them or stay out of areas that may contain these animals. To think Disney World doesn’t have gators, snakes, reptiles, snapping turtles, and geese that will attack if bothered then you are just an idiot, period. Come on people get educated.

  • Disney is overreacting. This is the second gator attack in the history of the park & how many guests visit WDW daily? I think the odds are that gators are not stalking the guests! In this recent incident, the family ignored signs that said no swimming. Disney does not need to put a justification as to why something is banned – in other words – no swimming did not need a second line saying “because of gators”. As part of a vacation pkg you are agreeing to obey by all park & resort rules. Of course, Disney will pay off a gigantic lawsuit and now the rest of us have to go on a fishing excursion if we want to fish, alligator references have been removed (some iconic, beloved characters) and I’m sure there will be more fallout before this is over. The signs are ugly – whatever – I can ignore them but it’s what we’ve lost (as mentioned above) that sucks.

  • The signs ruin the theming?? The last time I checked there weren’t any concession stands in 18th century America, or air conditioned bathrooms in the unsettled West. Snakes and Alligators in the water are the most authentic thing in Disney.

  • Some of these comments disgust me. Where is your heart and compassion? I agree w the rock border, fence and signage. As a person from outside the state of FL, I would have never even imagined what happened to this family, to ever happen at Disney. The little boy was putting sand in his bucket, he was not swimming…who wouldn’t let their child do the same? You all may think ” oh what retards. Blame the parents. ” but the reality is, most of us are clueless about it until something tragic like this happens. Safety should always be first and foremost and Disney did not do that before this moment.

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