PHOTOS: Rocky Shorline Replaces Sand at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

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Today at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, work began to remove the sandy shoreline where the alligator  attack took place and replace it with more rocks, just like those that line the shore of the Disney Vacation Club wing.










The rocks are located just beyond the fences recently installed. There has been no word yet on if the beaches at the Polynesian Village Resort will receive a similar treatment.

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    • Not funny pretty least they are trying to not let that freak accident from happening again.

    • A child died, this isn’t a thing that you can joke about. He was a real person, not a wizard in your D and D game.

      I was hoping they would put fences, rocks… or ninjas. See that’s how you tell an appropriate joke.

      • Steve, you are quite the hypocrite. If it’s not ok for Jim to tell a joke, it’s not ok to tell your lame joke. Just because you misinterpreted Jim’s joke, that doesn’t make you judge and jury for which jokes are appropriate. If Jim’s joke is tasteless, then yours is just as bad.

      • It was not a joke. The beach was in fact an alligator feeding station. It’s completely inappropriate for Disney to have beaches where alligators live and thrive.

        • Then every park bench in the state of Florida on a lake needs to be removed.your a moron.every lake in every city and state park have benches.

          • Which lakes are you referring to that have benches? Unbelieveable. You call someone a moron and you don’t even make sense.

          • Lake griffen state park,lake louisa state park,lake Kissimmee state park,lake jem park,lake astor park and reserve,marsh park and boat ramp list goes on all parks on lakes with gators play grounds and benches by the water.why should Disney remove benches that by the all city and state parks that have benches (feeding stations so you call them)all should be removed.i think if your comment was not a joke.JimV is the joke.

          • Okay, you don’t like benches. How close are they to the water? I suspect a few feet. Disney designed beaches so its guests can wade in the water, not a few feet away from the water. Its good that they finally fixed their mixed messages that approaching the water is not advisable. Evidently, your rebuttal is a good laugh.

        • I think he meant that it was a feeding station as in people literally feed the alligators food there. Like as if they were ducks. Like how people keep feeding the alligators from the Poly bungalows.

        • You mean, like Florida? Alligators have shown up on popular OCEAN beaches. Should we close the whole state? After all, how can it be appropriate for Florida if Disney can’t even?
          The gators aren’t going away. The resort was built on swamp land.

  • Looks horrible indeed. At this point they might as well pave over the whole thing and make the space “preferred parking” for Resort guest. I will be the first to admit that it was a horrific tragedy, but it was the first of a kind in 45 years. I’m afraid WDW are overreacting and will completely destroy the magic and beauty of the parks and resorts. What’s will they do next? Remove the Jungle cruise attraction?

  • I’ll go against the grain here: I think it looks fine, and does the job well without looking like a grotesque chain link fence. It will hinder both humans from stepping out into the water as well as the wildlife from swimming ashore in these locations.

    Note, they’re not putting this in all areas, so the wildlife can still come out, then walk, slither or crawl over to the beach. No place will be 100% safe.

  • It is central Florida there are gators everywhere in every little lake and pond there is. I see Disney’s concern but it was common sense there are gators in the lagoon and people should have been respecting the no swimming signs. The toddler went into the gators home at their normal feeding time and got attacked I don’t think these precautions are necessary as long as resort guests from outside of Florida are somehow educated about the regional wildlife.

  • looks horrible and takes very much away from the beauty of the GF

    Just get the reptiles out of there, why is that so diffucult to do.

    It’s the Mouses’ Kingdom anyway the snakes and alligators, gee…

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