RUMOR: Guardians of the Galaxy Attractions for Disney Parks to Be Announced at San Diego Comic Con?

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I wasn’t sure if posting this was such a good idea based on how often we might scare Disney out of announcing things, but current rumbling indicate that San Diego Comic Con might be the time and place for the announcement of the Guardians of the Galaxy attractions at Disney theme parks.


If the rumors are true (or if Disney decides to go through with it), the MARVEL Studios panel may be used to announce a Guardians of the Galaxy overlay of the Tower of Terror attraction at Disney California Adventure and a Guardians of the Galaxy ride to replace the Universe of Energy at Walt Disney World’s Epcot.

The reasoning for the announcement at SDCC is that work will commence on the new additions by the Fall, far before another D23 Expo arrives in Anaheim next summer. In fact, Disney would like the new Guardians-themed Tower of Terror to be open by then.

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is slated to be at the panel, making it an opportune moment to promote the movie and possibly announce that they are coming to Disney Parks.

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  • Granted I’ve never experienced the DCA TOT but why would they just announce an overlay in one location and theoretically a whole new ride in Epcot? DCA fans are getting the shaft in that scenario. Would love if they do something with Universe of Energy though. I honestly forget that it is even there and don’t think I have ridden it since 1998.

    • according to rumors its not just a simple overlay. Supposedly people that are familiar with the plans say that it calls for a complete redressing of the interior queue and changes to the outside facade. They also claim that the ride system would be altered possibly using the very large double decker inside queue as part of the new altered ride system

      • TOT just isn’t a good ride, which is a pale imitation of the original TOT ride. Good to hear that they might make the ride better.

        I wonder if this means you enter from the bottom level, go up one level to experience new special effects, enter the elevator shaft, continues with existing ride profile with different effects, then ends at the bottom level.

    • DCA fans have been given so many new rides in the last five years. Epcot has only had overlays and frozen. I’m at Disneyland more often these days but I loved Epcot as a kid and when I was there last year it was quickly becoming a food court.

  • We know that the tot at DCA isn’t popular like at DHS, but I would like to have both guardians of the galaxy attractions and so as the other marvel attractions at DCA and at epcot

    • No. No. NO. NO! I would not like that at ALL! Epcot is NOT supposed to have existing brands have rides there, and I DON’T want ToT to be replaced. I hope Disney does not replace ANYTHING at DCA, DHS, and Epcot with GotG… If they do, I will be VERY, VERY mad.

  • Tower of Terror has been confirmed for Halloweentime at DCA. Universe of Energy is not going anywhere either. There is no GOTG attraction coming at all.

    • Phew! I don’t want ToT OR UoE to get axed. If they do get axed and replaced, I will be very pissed with Disney.

    • Didn’t somebody already say that height balloon testing has been seen over the structures of Universe of Energy?

      also the only confirmation for halloween time is from the event planners. Sometimes they are the last ones to know when Burbank.TDA or WDI has a project that they are working on. They could have easily been out of the loop so that the information didn’t leak out until the higher ups are ready for an announcement. Once it is announced the event planners will just remove the one sentence reference the tower from the event site.

      • It will never be announced. ToT is never closing and it is a fact that this rumor was fabricated by some lose in his mother’s basement who claims to have connections when he really does’t and only makes up these rumors for click bait. ToT will still be dropping guest into the Twilight Zone next year and even 20 years from now.

        • Just out of curiosity, how are you that certain? I can believe either side at this point since I wouldn’t put anything past Disney, but again, just wondering?

          • I am 110% certain. These people also insisted that the Subs were goners and that insisted that Toontown was getting dipped. The article on here about that was taken down out of humiliation when Disney announced Toontown wasn’t going anywhere and discredited that rumor. Marvel and GOTG have nothing to do with the state of California and classic Hollywood. It’s called CALIFORNIA Adventure and is supposed to be a celebration of the state and its history. ToT is also still incredibly popular in DCA and Disney is fully aware of this. ToT is never going anywhere in DCA and UoE is not going anywhere either.

          • No it isn’t. This whole rumor is a lie and there is no GOTG EVER coming a Disney park. ToT in DCA and UoE are never changing.

          • Just watch fans storm Disney studios like the Bastille and force Disney to cancel it. And I’d rather shower at Penn State than have Marvel.

      • Just watch fans riot and storm the studio like the Bastille and management gets chased out of Burbank. Then a new management comes in, causes the next GOTG to bomb so bad, it kills superhero movies and Chris Pratt’s entire career. Then Disney sells off Marvel in humiliation. Also hope this new management turns the Walt Disney Company communist. Communism is much better than capitalism.

  • Disney has three parks ripe for character development. EPCOT Center was packed every day I went for its first 15 years, because it had its own unique identity — an optimistic focus on all that can be in the near and distant future. It’s more than just smartphones and Segways. People want to experience real ideas and technologies on the horizon. And EPCOT is the only place on Earth that is positioned to seize that vast opportunity and capitalize on the excitement to be had in the future’s intellectual and creative space.

  • I hate this! My whole family goes to the Disneyland resort more than annually and we are all hoping that this overlay is just a rumor. It will change the awesome feel of the TOT area. I don’t want marvel in the parks!

  • The rumor seems odd to have two completely different rides having the same theme. Since when did they do this? Oh yeah, Shanghai Pirates is different than the other Pirates rides. This doesn’t usually happen at the same time though. DCA’s TOT might be more plausible than Universe of Energy especially with the Universal Marvel agreement.

  • It is probably permanent but any chance Disneyland is just an overlay to promote the movie just like hyperspace mountain is.

  • So when is the comic con? It seems like an important piece of info to leave out of the post.

    • Truthfully, you could have just Googled “San Diego Comic Con 2016” and had your answer faster than typing up this response. (7/20-7/24)

  • I’m excited about GOTG in both scenarios. I’m originally an East Coast person so I feel like DCA’s tower is sub par.

    I wasn’t convinced about Epcot until listening to WDWNews Tonight EP 19 and hearing Nick’s argument. I think that Nemo is a completely fictional character and they put him in the seas because that’s his setting. GOTG is completely fictional but that doesn’t mean they can’t talk about physics, gravity, or energy. I think that the Universe of Energy needs an update and should have information on past, present, and theoretical futuristic energy technologies. I don’t think that the pavilion needs to stay energy though. GOTG could talk about biology, theoretical space travel, dark matter, or quantum physics. I don’t know how they’d do it and make it fun but I think that it’s not an insurmountable obstacle.

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