Three More Cancelled 12-Inch Disney Infinity Figures Shown

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We now have images of three more of the cancelled 12-inch premium figures that were in development for Disney Infinity.

Thanks again to Infiniteer Adventures for digging up and sharing all the latest news on these cancelled Disney Infinity plans. Just as a reminder, these figures were going to have unique moves and animations separate from their standard figure counterparts. These figures also would have lit up on various places.

Photo Credits: Infinity Inquirer

The Darth Vader one looks a lot more menacing that the regular Darth Vader figure. I imagine this figure would have lit up on the lava base and throughout the lightsaber.

Photo Credit: Infinity Inquirer

The premium Elsa figure looks like a huge improvement over the 1.0 Elsa figure. She is noticeably wearing her outfit from Frozen Fever rather than her dress from the film. The cape of her dress would have looked so pretty glowing, but it seems like we will just have to “Let it Go” seeing as plans have been scrapped.

Photo Credits: Infinity Inquirer

Finally there is the Buzz Lightyear premium figure. Alright, this one is just straight up awesome. It is clear that the blue streak coming from action wing pack would have been the part that lit up. Buzz Lightyear could have benefitted so much from all the improvements of a 3.0 figure. It is a shame that we will never get our hands on this one.

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  • If they went through the expense of research and development why not go ahead and release them as the last ones or limited edition.

  • I like the Elsa and Buzz ones, they look like the characters they’re based on. But the Darth Vader figure is awful. It looks like Jay Leno dressed up like Darth Vader, his chin is way too big.

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