WDW Surveying Guests About Possible Disney Operated “Uber”-Style Service

Walt Disney World may soon test the waters on an “uber”-type transportation service for guests.


The service would be resort-to-resort only in theory, allowing guests without cars the opportunity to skip the double bus ride it would usually take to go from resort to resort. The service would obviously be a paid one, but for a fee guests would have access to it for the duration of their vacation.

This concept and several others are currently being “litmus-tested” in surveys sent to Walt Disney World guests, so it is unknown if and when this will take shape, and exactly what the finished product might entail.

One would imagine that the Mears taxi service that often is utilized at resorts may not be happy about this.

9 thoughts on “WDW Surveying Guests About Possible Disney Operated “Uber”-Style Service”

  1. An on-demand ride service that’s competitive to Uber would be great, but if they ban Uber from property that would really suck and be anti-competitive as well.

  2. UBER will “never” run an operation like this on property. Read again, it says “UBER-LIKE” meaning it will be run by the company or existent contractors trained to work with our property guests. Remember, we have a UNION and a Transportation Dept. which counts with trained professionals to handle this situation. UBER? Please! You don’t even respect the traffic rules posted on property. UBER drivers are the most dangerous and disrespectful creatures we deal with everyday. UBER drivers get off that cloud. You think Disney will allow our guest to board a vehicle with no insurance according to our standards? NAAAAAHHHHH! You have no clue what it entitles to be able to drive a Disney vehicle on property.

    Magical 1 clear

  3. Sounds pretty good, especially if they are using very nice vehicles like a car service would versus a taxi or personal vehicle.

  4. Mears operates Magical Express. They don’t need to be upset. Maybe they end up in talks with Disney to operate this service as well

  5. Obviously, Disney realized that many guests were using Uber on property and that is a revenue option being lost. I was faced with a line of about 100 people (including 2 ECVs) trying to get to Animal Kingdom from Animal Kingdom Lodge waiting for the WDW bus. After 20 minutes with no bus in sight, we gave up and called Uber. About 5 minutes and $5 later, we were at the park gate. Surely beat not getting on the first bus and having to wait who knows how long to fight your way onto the packed second bus whenever it happened to get there while realizing that valuable less-crowded park time is ticking away…$5 well spent!

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