BREAKING: Disneyland Officially Announces “Eastern Gateway” Project, New Parking Structure & Transportation Hub

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Disneyland Resort announced today the Eastern Gateway project, which includes a new seven level, 6,800 space parking structure on the site of the Pumbaa parking lot and a transportation hub on the east side of Harbor Boulevard.


In conjunction with the project, the Carousel Inn & Suites will close on October 17, 2016 to make way for an elevated pedestrian bridge to transport guests between the parking structure/ transportation hub and the existing Disneyland Resort. Any existing bookings for this hotel from that date on are being moved to other hotels.

The project is intended to improve overall guest circulation in the area, relieving congestion on Ball Road, Harbor Boulevard, Katella Avenue, and Disneyland Drive. It is part of an over $1 billion investment from Disney in Anaheim which includes the new Star Wars themed land for Disneyland Park.

The construction for the Eastern Gateway will begin in early 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in late-2018.

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  • Do you have a map illustrating where this will be located? Thanks for sharing this fascinating news!

  • It will be a long walk from the parking lot to the elevated bridge and then to Disneyland. It’s curious that they won’t reconstruct a hotel above the bridge. Wasted opportunity. They should buy-out other hotels nearby to increase their real estate holdings and make them part of their hotel resort.

    • We have rarely parked in Pumba because it IS a very long walk. This is true both at the beginning of the day and especially at the end of the day. We were annoyed the second time we were forced into this lot by Anaheim Police traffic control.

      If this is true (can’t yet confirm on any official site as I write this) then it might provide enough parking to clear up the space for the “strawberry fields” to have a better use than a surface lot. I expected that it would be a third gate option (which would have been a better place for the purchased and leased franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and Avatar) but Disney doesn’t listen to me on these things :)

      • The additional parking spaces is expected to serve new guests for Star Wars Land and any expansion of California Adventure for a Marvel Land. It might be short of space for the third park. They will have to add a second parking structure next to Mickey and Friends. The Anaheim tax timeline suggests any third park is still 15 to 20 years out for Disney will request extension of their admissions tax abasement as incentive.

    • JimV, Hotels rarely are for sale around Disneyland. A few of them have been held onto by families for decades such as Park Vue Inn (next to Ihop on Harbor) with no intent on selling. I was surprised when Carousel was sold – but if/when the next neighboring hotel goes up for sale Disney will be there with an offer.

  • Do you have a source for this? I haven’t seen this officially announced on the parks blog or on the disneyland press release site. You say officially announced yet don’t know where its been announced.

  • Disneyland used to be the most wonderful, fantastic, perfect place in the world to me. Now it’s just a bunch of overpriced commercials for franchises. It has terrible maintenance, some TRULY terrible staff (I heard a cast member shout to someone that he was an “ass**le” a couple of weeks ago), and charges too much for everything. I’ve gone from wanting to be at Disneyland every day to thinking that it wouldn’t be awful if I never went again. I could care less about Disney’s investment in infrastructure. They’ve ruined Disneyland.

    • Great info on the article, first place I saw this is here!

      I’m a Disney Fan, but hard to be a fan of the parks anymore. Disney parks are truly now a wasteland under current CEO Bob Iger. Disney has some great memories, characters, movies (sometimes), just the parks are overrun, and aren’t worth going to.

      • You and Eddie are completely wrong and obviously still stuck in the Evil Eisner era! ?

        The parks have been better these days, so stop being wrong and stop being jerks! Iger has been an AMAZING CEO!

    • From what I’ve heard yes sadly it will be a casualty…I’m hoping they will find a bigger, close spot to open up at…maybe Captain Kidds will close and they can move in there!!! That would definitely be a welcome improvement!!!

  • I believe the original plan was to put in some sort of people mover system, but due to budget they are making it a walkway.

  • Yeah that map doesn’t seem right. The walkway is away from the lot. and the park end appears to be at a location that is extremely crowded now with some very difficult to relocate features. Like the monorail beams, the railroad tracks, under pass under the tracks, underpass under the current pedestrian and shuttle bus entrance, dioramas, east side ac&r plant

    The existing buildings where the USCIS is currently located are slated to be buildings.

    A walkway under or next to the current SoCal Edison R-O-W, is not only closer to the proposed lot, but would come out at an are with fewer major obstacles.

  • If you goto the Carousel Inn and Suites website, you cannot make any reservations past October 16.

    • They have done studies for this and found that at the two most crucial times of the day a peoplemover would be inneficient to move so many guests at one time. The early morning rush and the late evening rush would have many guests waiting for long periods of time for transport

  • If you stand at the front of the hotel you could walk across the street and be standing on Disneyland property. The parking structure being talked about is behind this hotel, so it is not “right next” to Pumba, but adjacent to it. The sky walk would prevent guests from having to use the light on Harbor to cross. With the sky walk going in at the convention center guest will NOT have to deal with cars, or cross walks. It will be safer and faster .

  • For folks that need more info:

    Article from last year with the 3 addresses involved:

    The 3 addresses from the article are the Carousel Inn and the 2 large industrial complexes North of Pumba. The structure they are building will connect directly to the walkway through the existing Carousel Inn.

    Look at picture 2 in the slideshow from today’s OC Register:

    Picture 2 is looking South. The tinted window looking building is the USCIS Office (soon to be destroyed) and way off in the distance is the roof of the Worldmark Anaheim building on Katella.

  • Yes, Please pack more people into the parks small spaces! I was Just saying, Disneyland NEEDS more huge parking structures to bring people in by the droves! I hope this project brings The Resort to compacity every day!! Yay!!

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