Disney Adding Bus Service from Parks to Disney Springs

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Guests will soon be able to take a bus from any of the Walt Disney World theme park direct to Disney Springs…


The service begins daily at 4:00 PM beginning August 28, 2016. Service back to the theme parks will not be provided, but guests may take a bus to any resort from Disney Springs.

Bus service from the theme parks will be provided until 11:00 PM or until 2 hours after park close, whichever is earlier.

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  • About. Dang. Time. This is great news for adult visitors like me who might like to “enhance” an in-park experience with a few drinks and not have to either multi-bus-hop or curb the party early to be able to drive back to the resort. Hopefully, it gives the Springs restaurants enough of a shot in the arm to keep the bus service costs covered.

  • It’s about time, the car park cost are extortion $20 a day, I have often asked why they don’t do a length of stay parking pass, this bus service could allow people visit WDW in the evening without having to pay for a full days car park

  • Disney Springs pre installed magic band readers to charge for parking, and have built in for a booth at the Lime parking lot, between the upper and lower entrances. Free parking at Disney Springs won’t last long, and then they’ll offer bus service back to the parks. Everywhere, resorts included w/o a stay, will have paid parking. They already did a test of paid parking at some resorts last Fall around Epcot, and little push back from guests. If you’re not staying on property, expect to pay to park everywhere Disney before long. Every inch must make a profit. Including the lots.

    • You may be right, but I hope not. I think charging for parking at Disney Springs is a mistake. Too many people, such as myself, who stay offsite like to drop in for dinner & sweets and maybe a little shopping. I’d simply go elsewhere if I had to pay to park. This is why I’ve never visited City Walk on any day when I wasn’t going to a Universal park.

      • That City Walk charges for parking and Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) does not is a shock. The higher end stores we see at Disney Springs don’t fit what people wear in the parks, or even look like it’d appeal to the Disney masses. (mostly oversized t-shirts and tattered shorts). I would be OK with parking charge that you can get validated with a price point purchase of say $50 if it keeps crowds down.

  • Its been said a million times but Disney does not own the parking garages at Disney Springs, they were built by Reedy Creek as infrastructure/economic development. They can’t just decide to charge for parking, they would have to have a vote, and if Disney’s people decided to allow it all the money would go to Reedy Creek which would do Disney no good, so it wouldn’t happen.

    • Wrong Jeff. Reedy Creek Development District was created and is controlled 100% by Disney. Reedy Creek is able to subcontract those parking garages (and will) to an operating participant, who will pay Disney the bulk of revenue for no work done on their part, and limited liability. The parking garage was built with a booth in mind for entrance, or the parking lights/counters which show which spaces are open aren’t for the ‘convenience factor’ of the guests. They can be used at kiosks to pay with magic band, credit card, etc.

      • And in fairness, you were only partially wrong Jeff, as you got correct that Reedy Creek built the garages. Just that it meant they wouldn’t be charging was the mistake. My apology in advance.

        Interesting fact, when Reedy Creek by Disney told to build the garages, they went to state and did this as a ‘water conservation and management issue’. The buildings were mostly floated on the backs of Florida Taxpayers.

  • How long does the bus take from Hollywood Studios to Disney Springs please?

    Are the stops at Hollywood Studios easy to find / well signposted.

    Many thanks

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