Disney Researching Possible MagicBand Replacement Concept

A new style of MagicBand is in development according to MagicBandCollector.com.

Prototype New Design for MagicBand-type Media
Prototype New Design for MagicBand-type Media

A new post on the FCC shows some pictures of a prototype MagicBand puck that would, in theory, fit into an interchangeable strap or other items. This would allow guests to simply keep this puck and interchange different straps and accessories to their pleasing. The change would decrease pricing in custom “On Demand” straps, and mean Disney would have to buy less devices with RFID chips in them. This would also better control the number of linked ticket media east guests would have on their MyDisneyExperience account, as new their is no real limit.

When or if these will ever be rolled out remains to be seen, but it is at least being kicked around by Disney.

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  1. Hey Tom man it was nice to hear a WDWNT podcast once again. #357
    Any chance Scott Smith Brandon Struve Chris LaStraps(sp?) will be back.? Also like Zac and the Smiths of course Jason
    Long live 1983 Epcot er uh I mean 20012-13 WDWNT podcasts !!!!!

  2. Why bother with a reusable band when throwaway passive wrist bands are available? Use for short vacations for most people. Others can get better bands if needed. I learned facial recognition is more than 98% accurate even with partial facial obstruction with repeat exposure. This begs the question of why invent a new band when cams are the future.

    • Because most people completely freak out at the idea that you are actively taking their photo. They see this as “big brother” technology. Backward thinkers will retard this country’s growth for centuries.

      • Guests shouldn’t have to worry about their photos being taken. Your photo is already taken at the entrance when you enter the park. Then it is taken every time at each meet and greet. Your photos are linked by MagicBands, but what if you photo is linked by facial recognition instead. Facial recognition should be much easier if your entire party has taken a group photo and every person’s photo is linked. Thus, the queue lines should instantly be able to identify you and your party for Fastpass, Photopass, and restaurant reservations.

  3. I suggested this two years ago. This way they can make more money by offering far more “options” for customization. Wow. Maybe I should work for Disney….

  4. Dumb…..a magic band probably costs less than a dollar……disney wants to boost profits a few cents per band……

  5. The Yellow AP card works just as well if not better with less glitches for Entrance, Fast Pass and Photo Maker. WE still use them mostly. If we want charging we simply recharge one of our wrist lanyard GCs. The only time we use magicbands is if we are staying on property (Room Key) or if we feel like sporting the “Purples” for fun.

  6. “This would also better control the number of linked ticket media east guests would have on their MyDisneyExperience account, as new their is no real limit.” east guests? New their? Spellcheck, grammar check, proofread. Are we really so desperate for a “scoop” we can’t fully proof before publishing? Eeek.

  7. Make a Disney watch thats a magic band and a step counter and see how far you walk in a day. Could put a calorie counter per steps also. That way if i walk a lot i could get ice cream or cinnamon bun from gaston.

  8. Technology needs to be upgraded on the magicband. Disney is ahead of the game in so many areas, but behind in many also. Why can’t APH have their CC linked to the band for park purchases? It’s linked for autopay and reservation pay on the app. Resort guest have the option to have park purchases linked to their CC and resort room via the magicband. Also, if the band is truly going to a “Fitbit” style, it would be great for it to be thinner in width, have a face display for a clock and steps counter.
    We won’t get into how they can upgrade the iPhone/Android app to offer better options.

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