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Welcome back to WDWNT’s Hostess with the Mostess! Right here is where you can get your weekly Disney fix while talking and learning about our Disney favorites!  These past two weeks have been very hot where I live. In fact, it was so hot that it was time for a dip in the pool. My surroundings were perfect, humid weather and cool water. Naturally, I closed my eyes and started dreaming of Disney. The first thing that popped into my head was getting soaked on Kali River Rapids, next thing I know, I was on the Jungle Cruise enjoying a breezy and adventurous ride down the Amazon River. Then it hit me! My next post should be about water rides.

But before we begin, let me specify what I mean when I say water rides. These are all attractions from the four main parks. Sorry water parks! Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are amazing, but they are in a category of their own and will definitely be in a countdown in the future. These water rides are not only rides where you get wet, but attractions where you are on the water and a boat is your mode of transportation.

Now let’s check out my Top 5 Favorite Water Rides

5. Maelstrom/Frozen Ever After
Maelstrom 1987 3Frozen Ever After

I know what you’re thinking, the Maelstrom is no longer with us so it shouldn’t really count right? But just hear me out. Maelstrom will forever hold a special place in my heart and it would have been in my top 5 if I did this countdown while it was still operating. The reason I kept it and combined it with Frozen Ever After is because I have not ridden Frozen yet. My first ride is next month, I cannot wait! Frozen looks really beautiful, detailed, and just a lot of fun. I am sure the pictures do not do it justice. From what I have seen, I know I will love it. Remembering the Maelstrom and not yet experiencing Frozen kind of puts me in the middle. So the obvious thing to do was to mesh them together because I know both the old and new will make my number 5. What do you think of Frozen Ever After?


Jungle-Cruise4. Jungle Cruise

“And now, we’re approaching the beautiful Schweitzer Falls, named after that famous African explorer, Dr. Albert Falls.” It never gets old! And that is why this exotic world-famous cruise hits number 4 on my list. With elephants forgetting to pack to their trunks, Skipper’s pointing out their favorite plant life, the back side of water, and Trader Sam getting “ahead” in sales … see what I did there? … there is never a dull moment. Every Skipper has a unique spin on the spiel and they all have different and fun personalities. I know that when I get on that boat I am going to laugh and have a great time. Jungle Cruise also receives some bonus points for their queue line. I love going through and finding all of the unique and funny jokes!


Pirates of the Caribbean3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Avast! Pirates of the Caribbean is my number 3 pick. Why you ask? Because it’s just plain awesome! From the minute you step into the building you are transported into a time when pirates and privateers ruled the seas. This swashbuckling adventure is an exciting combination of fun and danger! We start our journey off slow, moving through a cave with a cool ocean breeze and then the next thing you know you plunge right into the middle of a battle between pirate and land lover. Speaking of the plunge, has anyone else noticed that we get even more wet with the new boats? One of my favorite additions to the ride are the mermaids. You can hear them singing “My Jolly Sailor Bold” and see a glowing light in the water next to you. The effect isn’t always working, but when it is, it’s mysteriously fun! Every time I ride Pirates I see something new and I feel like I am really experiencing a pirate invasion!


Kali River Rapids2. Kali River Rapids

Kali River Rapids hits number 2! I really do not have a lot to say about this one other than it is a blast. Just like Everest, Kali’s line is very detailed, there is so much to look at and it can really help the time go by faster if you are waiting in line. Fun fact, some of the canoe paddles found in the queue have signatures of the attraction’s Imagineers. The ride itself is what wins it it’s place at number 2. It is thrilling, refreshing, and even a little educational. It is so much fun and with the summer heat, I wish I was riding it right now!


Splash Mountain1.Splash Mountain

“Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay. My, oh my, what a wonderful day!” I love Splash Mountain! This attraction has it all and that is why it is my number 1 pick. From the beginning we are completely immersed into the story with Brer Rabbit. The ride is amazingly long and takes us inside and outside, gives us multiple thrilling hills, Imagineering details everywhere, the cutest animatronics in the world, a repertoire of lovable and catchy songs, and of course water! To make it even better, there is nothing like riding it at night and on the last drop seeing the castle all lit up in colors in the distance … talk about magical! Do we have any daring hand raisers out there? I always put my hands up, it is the best way to ride.

My family has a fun tradition that started when I was little. There is a rabbit sitting on the front of the log boats, I’m sure you have seen him. If anyone in our family got the front seat, we had to pet the rabbit on the head. There was no reason behind it, just something my dad made up for us to have fun with. After all these years, it still stuck! I always look forward to sitting in the front row so I can carry on our tradition. Now I pass it to you. If you get the front seat, go ahead and give that adorable rabbit a big ol’ pat on the head!

Those are my Top 5 Favorite Water Rides! Now I want to hear from you. What is your favorite water ride and why? Go ahead and cast your vote below and remember, I love reading your comments and may share what you said on next weeks results.

Here is my Extra Magic Tip of the week: For those of you out there who do not want to get too wet on Splash Mountain, sit on the left side of the boat. The right side tends to attract more water.

What is your Favorite Water Ride?

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5 years ago

How about Living With the Land at EPCOT? Great ride for a hot day cool down

Travis McReynolds
Travis McReynolds
5 years ago

I voted Splash Mountain, but if we’re permitted to dig into the past, I have to mention 20k. Incredible ride, gone too soon. There is still a ride under the 20k banner at Tokyo DisneySea, but it’s completely different and completely dry. Still very rad.

5 years ago

I’ll have to disagree with the Kali river Rapids. We rode that for the first time this year. After 2.5 hours standing in line, the ride lasted for 2 minutes. It was a complete let down. Everyone on our raft were saying, “That’s it?!” I will never waste my time on that again.