RUMOR: Wreck-It Ralph VR Attraction to Replace Stitch’s Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom

According to the latest Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish podcast, Stitch’s Great Escape will be removed in favor of a VR racing game Wreck-It Ralph attraction based on “Sugar Rush”:

Is a Wreck-It Ralph Sugar Rush ride set to replace Stitch's Great Escape?
Is a Wreck-It Ralph Sugar Rush ride set to replace Stitch’s Great Escape?

If the rumor is to be believed, the two theaters inside Stitch’s Great Escape would be gutted (they have been basically the same in layout since 1971’s Flight to the Moon with minor modifications over the years) to make room for a number of simulator based racing carts which guests could board wearing virtual reality headsets that would transport them into the video game world of Wreck-It Ralph. Guests may even get to design their cars in the pre-show area, similar to Test Track presented by Chevrolet.

If it comes to pass, guests will be racing virtually with Ralph and Vanellope in the Magic Kingdom
If it comes to pass, guests will be racing virtually with Ralph and Vanellope in the Magic Kingdom

The investment would make sense with a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph on the way in 2018 and the box office for the original film was quite strong worldwide. Also, Stitch’s Great Escape has been one of the least popular attractions in Disney history, often testing negatively with guests who experience it.

The Stitch theater has been pretty much the same since Alien Encounter opened in 1995
The Stitch theater has been pretty much the same since Alien Encounter opened in 1995

The project would be part of a larger overhaul of Tomorrowland expected over the next few years leading into the 50th anniversary celebration for the Magic Kingdom park (which would be in 2021 for those not willing to do math), which could include an E-Ticket attraction the likes of the TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland next door to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress or Space Mountain. Tomorrowland has recently undergone a number of cosmetic upgrades including the repainting of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress and the currently ongoing entrance area rock-work, all of which could be just the first phase of this overhaul.

Disney of course has said nothing about this project as of yet, so we will have to wait and see if we will be getting a virtual Sugar Rush at the Magic Kingdom, or if we will just have to settle for a Plaza Ice Cream sundae…

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  1. I wish they’d just create a better attraction for Lilo and Stitch. That movie deserves more. Besides, virtual reality is the lazy way out.

    • I don’t think you understand how much they’ll have to do for it to work properly anyway. VR is by no means a lazy way out. Besides, with VR becoming more readily available to the public, people will want to use it to immerse themselves in ways they’d only be able to do at Disney.

      • they mean VR in the animal kingdom ride way, not the void way i think. So. there is plenty of room at that location.

    • I did mean to add that Lilo and Stitch does definitely deserve a better ride. Unfortunately, you ride the hot hand and Lilo and Stitch hasn’t had a new movie in almost a decade.

      • Yeah. And they can replace Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor with Stitch Encounter since Stitch always appears in Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. Please! I love Stitch very much so and I want him, as well as Daisy and Chip and Dale back and Pluto, Baloo, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Alice, and Brave in Disney on Ice’s “100 Years of Magic”! If I were other other people I’d give the Stitch franchise a 10/10 like as they would for “Frozen” and other major Disney franchises!

  2. For a franchise that seems to be very kid-friendly, virtual reality headsets would limit rider age, and seems like possibly an ill choice, especially if the attraction would include family-friendly racing aspects. Maybe they’ll have some that utilize 3D glasses for families to utilize? As an individual that requires glasses to legally see, I am never a fan of 3D glasses (why so small, Disney?!), and I’m afraid VR helmets would be limiting as well.

    This seems like something that would be better suited for Disney Quest… However, borrowing from that could make a justifiable theme for this attraction to fit into Tomorrowland – set it in an arcade! I would support the idea of a Wreck-it Ralph digitalized car-racing attraction if it meant that we may see a removal of the Tomorrowland Speedway. Not sure if two automobile attractions would be necessary; a digital one would be cheaper to run.

  3. I’m all for this change. We completely ignored Stitch’s attraction last visit and my daughters are huge fans of the characters from this franchise. The Wreck-It IP provides a great foundation for some immersive flavor of VR and a racing experience that you can’t ever get on the ironically named Tomorrowland Speedway around the corner. This land, much like Hollywood Studios, could benefit from a rebranding as “tomorrow” has faded into the past. I don’t expect there will be any people crying foul on the loss of this attraction. But I’m thinking the fandom of Stitch deserves something in the park besides a random meet and greet too. Maybe they could sprinkle some Stitch into the tropical Adventureland ambience…

    • They could also replace Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor with Stitch Encounter; and I think The Tiki Room being updated with back Iago and Zazu as well as adding Stitch is a great idea as Tokyo Disneyland has both of them.

  4. They would need to be able to sanitize all of the headsets after each show. They would get pretty gross if they go from sweaty face to sweaty face all day long.

  5. I like this plane. Also it can have a suger rush themed candy shop so it can sell candy apples, cupcakes, and other sweets. Will it be cool for the new candy shop?

  6. I’m one of the only people who likes stiches great escape but this would be so fun! I wish Disney would do sugar rush as an actual video game title

  7. Just getting rid of the Stitch attraction and having an empty air conditioned room would be an improvement.

  8. The Tomorrowland update rumors are more interesting. The whole land is outdated and tired. Laugh Factory needs to go. They have the worst version of Buzz Lightyear attraction.

  9. I think that a redo of buzz, something to make monsters inc. Laugh Floor more interesting, this ride taking place of the worst ride in Magic Kingdom and maybe putting a replacement Lilo and Stitch ride in maybe Adventureland somewhere plus the 3 lands being constructed in other parks Disney World could be the place to be in 5 years just in time for their 50th.

  10. Just put Alien Encounter back as if it never left! And all the parents who complained about it should be ignored and called “chicken” by cast members to their faces like Marty McFly. We want Skippy and Chairman Clench back along with the blood splatter and breath on your neck.

    • I agree alien encounter needs to come back disney needs more dark scary rides we have tower of terror and dinosaur if they want wreck it ralph put it where the old galaxy theater was i extremely agree with you alien encounter short lived from 1995-2003 because of stupid parents ignoring the warning sighs we all want to be thrilled and frighted disney world is not just a place for kids so Dave im with you on Disney please bring back Alien Encounter its a great thrilling experence Hollywood Studios has Tower of Terror and Animal Kingdom has Dinsosaur they are dark thrilling attractions the Magic Kingdom needs dark scary attraction too

  11. Lilo and stitch is the only reason I come to Disney so either keep the ride now or make a new one or I will stop coming :( btw wreck it ralph is my least favorite movie

  12. Please be true, Stitch’s Great Escape is a horribly designed ride, inflicting more shoulder pain than entertainment (unless you’re a masochist :) ) I don’t love Wreck It Ralph, but a empty building would be better than the current Great Escape

  13. Listen I want to make a it were it’s not so scary for kids now I understand what their talking about. when my mom, dad, sister and I went we went to see if it was opened but still it wasn’t :-( so I am mad about that and I kept crying when it wasn’t open when my mom said sorry, sweetie it’s closed I burst into tears.I don’t want to cause a fight here or anything but, I I have to say is make it better that’s all I ask please don’t brake my heart sincerely, Madison.

  14. No Way! Not replaced stitch’s great escape is false rumor. But stitch’s great escape is staying fever.

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