Two Cancelled Epic Mickey Spin-Offs Games Have Been Revealed

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It appears that Disney cancelled two Epic Mickey spin-offs in 2012 before closing developer Junction Point. Unfortunately, this would not go on to be an isolated incident (R.I.P. Disney Infinity).

Sources: Always Nintendo

The first game was titled Epic Donald, and it seems like it would have been similar to Epic Mickey, only featuring Donald Duck as the main character. Concept art for the game was revealed by Disney comic artist Patrick Block, who posted the images and answered questions regarding the game on the Assembler Games forums.

“In 2012 I had the very great pleasure and honor of working with Warren Spector and Junction Point on the follow up to Disney’s Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey II,” said Block on the forums. “The game was to feature Donald Duck, Duckburg, and the associated classic world clan. I worked hard on a “Carl Barks” based Duckburg, pulling scenes of the town from his comics and doing my best to keep a 1950’s feeling spirit about the game world.”

The game was ultimately cancelled due to Disney’s shift to mobile gaming. It is too bad that we never got to see this game, though in all fairness, we did get Disney Infinity the following year.

Sources: Always Nintendo

The second game was titled Epic Disney Racers, and would have been a kart racer that featured a similar two character system akin to Mario Kart: Double Dash. Little else was known about this game, and few pieces of art exist for the game, but one can only imagine how cool it could have been.

Sources: Always Nintendo