UPDATE: Steamboat Removed from “Fantasmic!” at Disney World Following Character Fall

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Following Dopey’s tremendous fall from the top of the Steamboat Willie Steamboat that regularly appears during the finale of Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World has pulled the Steamboat from the show and replaced it with a simple water-wall effect.

Thanks to @WDWResortRoblox on twitter for sending along the following screenshot from a live stream of “Fantasmic!” last night at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World:


The assumption is that the boat will be modified for the safety of the performers, but there has been no official word from Disney as of yet. There is no word on when the Steamboat might return to the show at this time, but seeing as it is considered the highlight of the show by many guests, one would assume it will be back soon.

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  • Two things you can always count on these days….American’s will elect a horrible president and Disney will over react.

    • Over react? In 2004 we lost a performer on parade route. This could have had an entirely different outcome. So thankful they are ok. But to say Disney “overreacted” is absolutely ridiculous.

  • I believe there was a wall of water last night because the dragon malfunctioned… there should be the usual plan B finale until any necessary modifications are made to the boat.

  • If this hadn’t gone public, Disney wouldn’t have done a thing. They could not care less about safety beyond lip service.

    Fantastasmic’s show is too expensive as it is, I don’t think it will be around much longer without a lot of sales of items to support it.

      • I think she works for the parks. Have seen other posts. Fantastic is expensive show…when consider how little people spend while sitting there.

        • There’s a lot of other financial considerations, apart from just “not spending while sitting there.” By that logic, every night time show would be shut down immediately.

          Plenty of people go to DHS just to see Fantasmic. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at the GR line when the show is cancelled. If you cut the show completely, you lose a decent chunk of the gate. Dinner packages absolutely generate revenue, and they’re directly tied to Fantasmic. Many of those people would still dine at the restaurants, but you certainly wouldn’t get as many people spending that amount of money without the reserved seating benefit. Add in popcorn, cotton candy, toys, glow, etc. that is sold before the show, and the numbers are fine.

          With almost two decades in the books at DHS, Fantasmic isn’t going away anytime soon.

          • Yea, I see your point Standard Staples, but I this is a long show, loading time, and unlike other night time shows, eats a ton of their real estate compared to what they’re making in $$ off of guests for it. They’ve never really cared when numbers at the gate lower, they just reduce hours and staffing a little, and smoosh people in other parks to buy stuff.

            Their other night shows heard you around food, drinks and shopping that’s already open with no waste of space, you stand in the street. I do not want them to, but I can totally see them doing away with Fantasmic.

            There’s a lot of things with 2 decades on the books the are being slashed lately if they’re not an exorbinant profit center on their own. They couldn’t afford to hire my expertise, but fun-factor on its own my opinion should count and would yield them (and guests loyalty) better profits and results in the end.

      • I agree Chet and wish Allison was more positive, but I must admit, I’m a cast member and a HUGE fan of Disney in general and there’s many of us very frustrated at park management, and is not for my pay or hours–it’s for what we see back stage that they’re cutting for guests and how horribly management see and treat guests. I don’t think anything she said was inaccurate. In my ‘land’, we’re so cheap in every area, and we are punished for pointing out areas of improvement or anything done special for a guest if it slows efficiency or profit, and safety is not taken seriously, unless there’s a concern it will become ‘public’. They used to teach cast members to create magic and safe-D first. They cut those classes too. Disney World is tragically in need of a new paradigm with guests and creating memories at least part of the equation.

    • So with today’s ticket costs of about $100 per person for Hollywood Stuidos during peak season the price of 22 peoples admission pays for one show

      • Just about. Disney does not lose money on anything. A park at 50% capacity is still a money generating machine. Remember, your calculation didn’t include those guests purchasing food, drink, or collectibles.

    • Unfortunately, that’s not the way management will looks at it. Each customer in the park is a revenue center. Their admission not withstanding, the goal is to get as much money out of each individual at each second of opening hours, and while doing that, cross promote other revenue centers.

      The entire reason for fast pass isn’t to make the park nicer for people, it’s to keep people out of lines, and in stores spending money!

      Fantastic is an EXTREMELY expensive show in ‘lost revenue’. They sell some lighted hats, and wands, but it’s nothing compared to other areas of the park.

      Each second you’re not spending money, we see it we’re losing money.

    • Something is way off here. Considering there are 75+ cast members working each show, your figures must be missing a zero. There’s several dozen fur and face characters on the boat finale, and all of them work Fantasmic for a total of $310? Not a chance. $22,340 sounds much more believable, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a good bit higher than that.

    • Those numbers are way off, thees a few hundred people that are involved every night in that show, both with guests, off stage, on stage, set up, tear down. And it’s not relevant. They’re not selling anything while the show goes on. And that’s a lot of space they could be selling stuff, which is their goal. Don’t get me wrong though. I LOVE FANTASTIC, and the few Disney shows and attractions that are there just for the sheer enjoyment. They’re fewer and fewer though. :(…

    • With those numbers 300 admission tickets bring in that money and that theater holds 1000+% over that plus what people spend on food there. When I went there in April most of the kids around me had glow light sabers and everyone at least had $5 popcorn so their is no way that they don’t make money off the show especially when people sit here for more than an hour waiting for the show to start

      • Nobody I read here saying they’re NOT making money off the show. Not as much money as if you’re in line for a character meet and greet with 2 employees and buy photos or on a 3 minute ride that dumps you in a gift shot. This show costs a lot, and lost potential to sell and cross promote. These type ‘experiences’ are going away one by one, in Hollywood Studios, Backlot Tour and the stunt show are two examples. The plan is clear that you’re going to be spending money, or being advertised to, or preferably, both at same time. Your parking and admission area given and don’t count. Not to say I think it’s right, but it’s obviously the trend.

        • The financial report came out and the parks division got $4.4 billion with less than $1 billion in costs for the past three months. Nobody can tell me there is no money made in the parks and Disney needs to cut back on shows for more shop traffic. Without Fantasmic Hollywood Studios is getting no night traffic because Star Wars isn’t gonna be able to do everything

          • I’ll tell you RedoEpcot since you ask. DISNEY IS NOT MAKING ENOUGH ON PARKS DIVISION! The parks are a money loser compared to their media. Anything square foot the park on it’s own NOT making hundreds of thousands a day is a loss (the way Disney thinks). Fun experiences are, in fact, being taking away. This isn’t an opinion. Take a look at last 10 years, and it’s not sponsored, or cross promoting, or selling well, or all 3, it’s going away! I don’t agree with it, but there’s no regard for “guest experience” any more. They just do not care.

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