“Western Way” Road To Be Extended Beyond Flamingo Crossings

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Walt Disney World, through its governing body, the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID), has recently filed plans with the South Florida Water Management District to extend Western Way an additional 1.6 miles westward beyond SR 429 and the Flamingo Crossings development, to connect to Avalon Road, also known as SR 545.

This Google Maps image shows the current western terminus of Western Way at Flagler Avenue and the two completed hotels.

Only two hotel projects are completed at Flamingo Crossings at this time, a SpringHill Suites and a TownePlace Suites.  Western Way would be extended to connect with SR 545, thus making a significant chunk of land ripe for development west of Flamingo Crossings.

The Western Way extension project would cut through 1.6 miles of mostly wetlands.
In this aerial image, the entire length of Western Way, from SR 429 to Buena Vista Drive, is visible.

In case you’re not familiar with the Western Way entrance to WDW property, the roadway connects to Buena Vista Drive just south of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

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  • PLEASE let this be another park, and NOT more hotels/vacation clubs. The parks are BUSTING at the seems. We love Disney…..but not enough to do….cast members seem overrun and just cattle hurding masses of strollers and people now….and way too crowded! btw, Love this site.

  • 2021 coming up really fast .hopefully it’s a roadway to a 5 gate maybe . Old rumor of a villains park cross fingers.

    • will be after 2021 if ever, you have to remember that they just layed off a bunch of people at imagineering and in order for their public reasoning to stay true they can’t up and hire new staff after letting go hundreds because imagineering is a project based organization. Also Villians as a theme would never fly… Disney needs to market to the greatest audience…Hollywood STudios is Movies and Entertainment intudstry…Animal kingdom is Animals and Conservation…Magic Kingdom is Fantasy..Epcot is Eduttainmet and World Culture The fifth park would have to appeal to a far more greater audience then just the one they have already i.e Villians of Disney movies..Sorry to Ramble but a Fifth Park would have to grab a new audience not build on the same audience they already have.

  • Would be nice if this is the beginnings of a new park, possibly geared to the teens and up demo to break up the crowds a bit better.

  • I like the talk about a new park, but can we at least finish some other projects first. Epcot is empty, tommorowland is in a rethemeing phase, hollywood studios is under construction for the next 5 years, and avatarland is already going on its 5th year of construction. Let’s not forget disney springs which is only about half way done, and all the road improvements occurring around the worlds. Animal kingdom has a new night time show that doesn’t even work yet, and half the hotels are under construction as well. Walt was right when he called this place a city on to its own. I live near cleveland and we don’t have as much construction going on here as they do in WDW.

    • No doubt I agree and Disney Orlando parks are a total mess. Overcrowded. Half done. Only seeking profit. Poor customer service. Not as safe. Quality slipped. But another park could be built while they fixed these. Honestly, Disney should hand off the management of their parks to someone else. They are just not as good at it any more since they’ve become a media giant only.

  • Disney is trying to sell the Flamingo Crossings property after trying to develop it for years. What would this new road help to serve Disney? Does Disney own the other property marked for the project site?

    • So true! 27 only has 50 and 192 (both clogged up) It desperately needs an east/west road between these.

  • This may just be a service road..I would think they would want to expand Magic Kingdom or maybe they’re realizing to do that would the cost the same as opening a new park due to current infrastructre however that is unlikely..if a new park is opening it will be after 2021…Disney of today do not care as much as /Official date openings as Walt and Roy did..

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