PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/15/16 (Big Thunder Refurb, Haunted Mansion, Electrical Parade Farewell, ETC.)

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The Halloween season is in full swing at the Magic Kingdom, as are several large refurbishments as the resort prepares for what should be one of the busiest holiday seasons ever. While the summer was slow, the new attractions and other enhancements that took place this Summer should finally bring in some guests and the Magic Kingdom is getting ready for it (as well as its 45th anniversary). Now on to our latest photo report…

Merry Cranemas


The painting of Cinderella Castle and the installation of the holiday lights continues on a daily basis.

New D-Tech on Demand Phone Cases


A number of new D-Tech on Demand phone cases can be found at the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company at the exit of Space Mountain.










Some phone cases are only available during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

This and That


The newly painted rocks in Tomorrowland can be seen from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover.



The Chewbacca stein is now available at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Tomorrowland.

Construction Along the Rivers of America


If you take a ride on the Liberty Square Riverboat, be sure to ask about the trivia sheets. Guests can fill out the sheet with answers found along the Rivers of America for a prize they can redeem at the end when they return to the dock.


Work on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is visible from the Riverboat.



For a better look, we also have a video to share with you. Sadly, I did not see anyone working on the finale scene of the ride, so I am afraid to report that we may not see the new explosive finale for the ride in this refurbishment…

While on the Riverboat, we also floated by the ongoing facade refurbishment of the Haunted Mansion:

New Prop at Pirates of the Caribbean


The glass Mermaid cage that was added to Pirates own the Caribbean a few weeks ago was moved a little closer to the beach for some reason.


The pirate Mickey plush has finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom.

Frontierland Hoedown


Some of the dancers in Frontierland Hoedown are now disguised as custodial cast members…




Some festive fall decorations are popping up in Liberty Square.


Man, everyone has this hat now…

Cinderella Castle


The Cinderella Castle big fig has returned after a few years of absence, however, it is a bit pricey for the size.



It’s still no match for the real thing though…


The Main Street Electrical Parade Says Goodbye


The end of the Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World is drawing near as the parade gets in just a few more performances before the final night on October 9th.















Love it or hate it (personally I always preferred SpectroMagic), the Main Street Electrical Parade has been a staple of Walt Disney World since 1977. October 9th will certainly be a historic evening to say the very least.

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  • So happy I took the time to see the parade on my last visit. Remember loving it as a child and it was just as amazing as an adult. Excited to see whatever the new nighttime entertainment on my next visit in the future.

  • I always loved the MSEP and grew up with it in Disneyland as a child. I never got to see SpectroMagic since our first trip to WDW was in 2010 and we didn’t stick around for the parade the one day we did MK. Too bad MK can’t get the Dreamlights parade from Tokyo – saw the video of it on YouTube and it’s awesome, even better than MSEP.

  • I love Main Street Electrical Parade and am heartbroken … I simply can’t believe that they won’t bring it back.

  • First time I saw the MSEP was in 2012, and I remember thinking, “How will it compare to Spectromagic?”. I still prefer Spectromagic, but the MSEP will have it’s own place in my heart as well. Just listening to the intro and then it’s transition into Baroque Hoedown sounded so catchy I fell in love with it instantly. I’ll at least have it nice and recorded on my PC forever from our other trips. :)

    Does MK plan on a replacement?

  • Can’t they let MSEP go for one more year so it can make 40? They have time to work on it. First we have the Mickeys Not So Scary parade and then in November the Christmas parade starts and it doesn’t concluded until January. That’s 3 months to do any maintenance which puts them into 2017 for MSEP 40th and MK 45th anniversaries. What a milestone that would be. But I guess if your park doesn’t have the word land in it your just the neglected step child and get nothing?

    • I was at DLR for Sept 5th and cast member there told me the MSEP was indeed coming back to DLR while WDW is getting paint the night!

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