PHOTOS: Imagination Pavilion’s ImageWorks at Epcot is Literally Falling Apart

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While walking through the ImageWorks at the exit of Journey Into Imagination with Figment at Epcot last night, the floor felt a little strange. It felt as if the tiles were lifting off of the ground as I stepped on them. Then I looked down…


We found entire sections of tile had to be taped down because most of them are loose and popping up. Now, if it were one section, I could understand that, but it was taped down in several areas.

F is probably the grade I would give this pavilion
F is probably the grade I would give this pavilion

Again, several areas featured tape of various colors being used to hold the floor together at this point. ImageWorks is now literally falling apart, even beyond the mostly-broken hands-on exhibits inside.


Given how die hard our audience is, I probably need not explain why this is such “bad show”. Hopefully it will be addressed soon, preferably before all of the tile in the ImageWorks has tape between it.

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  • Tape , a short story about , Tape .
    Had a problem at home with some shower tiles that were loose and falling off the wall .Waiting for the ordered tile to come in , I asked the man at the store . What do I use to keep water out of the wall where the missing tiles used to be? Tape ! My wife was going crazy .The walls are so ugly, it looks terrible. lucky for us we were headed to Disney we can deal with this when we get home . We get to our room at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort .everything is great no stress , there music , we are just happy to be there . I take a shower after arriving and three tiles fall off the wall… Uummm ???? I call maintenance . So sorry , we will be right up to fix that .We head out to the parks . We return to …. TAPE covering the holes to keep water out of the walls ….. I never laughed so hard .
    Wife …. Not so much

  • I kind of root for that JIYI attraction to be gone some time soon but not do away with the nice DVC lounge that’s above it. Keep the pavilion/building but replace the ride. Maybe the CMs are covering those tiles with tape to force the issue until Disney decides it looks so bad it’s time to fix them.

    • Maybe even gut that ride and put a lounge THERE for AP holders. (I read another article where people want an AP lounge, why not just downstairs from the DVC members lounge?). It takes a lot of free soda to get through a day at Epcot.

      • Hi, you just replied to yourself on here, don’t know if you noticed! But you probably do. The arrow that’s pointing ↑ up towards your comment means you just replied to yourself, you were supposed to press on the comment box to comment, not on the (Reply) button. Just saying. ☺

  • If the tiles are lifting off without cracking, they can add some new thinset and remount. Better than duct tape and more permanent.

  • This attraction long been ignored and due to be shut down. It doesn’t make profit. Disney is becoming a dump. They have abandoned caring about local guests long ago with diluting annual passes and food quality, and now see itself as a tourist trap for just 100% profit from guests who don’t know better or just return out of habit. Sad to say, you want better experience and insist it be Disney, you have to go to Shanghai Disney. It’s actually cheaper now and better value to travel to real cou tires an Epcot sales models. Florida Disney parks are becoming a toilet. I know Disney will post here as regular users to this saying not to be negative, but proof is in your many photos and posts. The quality is sinking faster than the Titanic over there in Florida and they know it and could not care less until the lines stop forming for suckers to buying stuff. We hope this changes. Until then, we come when bored to laugh.

      • Don’t use big words around the American Disney Crowd. This guy with wut doesn’t comprende. But I agree. Disney Florida is a hot mess of cut backs.

    • Currently all of Walt Disney World looks like one huge construction site. In a couple of years, hopefully, with new and refurbished attractions it will be worthy of the hype–right now much of it looks more like one huge highway construction site. As for locals not feeling the love, Mickey has found a new true love: out-of-town and foreign big spenders who drop a ton of money on food, junk and on-site accommodations; it’s “just business,” and business is good. The parks are still crowded–even with a recent drop in attendance–and the out-of-town crowd makes them way more money per visit than local passholders. Will Disney live to regret it? Hard to say, but I have noticed a distinct drop in those boisterous Brazilian tour groups lately. As for locals feeling like jilted lovers, just remember, when they sing “Why? Because we like you…,” they’re talking about your wallet.

      • By the time Disney opens new areas with less attractions than promotional areas and shops, it will be too late. Other areas neglected will then close. The time for a fifth park and all new management is now. They don’t like out of town guests so much either. Disney should sell their parks and concentrate on media. They’re unable to produce a profitable enough (for them) nor enjoyable theme park anymore. Their cuts are too transparent, and melennials couldn’t care less about their ‘legacy’ of clean and experience generating parks worth spending money at. Less Brazilians because better choices out there now…not like they’re selling rooms for better rates. They just have formula where fun or experience doesn’t enter anymore. Its profit per inch per minute. It will change or Comcast will clean their clock.

          • Most of the biggest fans are
            Critical of the cutbacks at Floridas Disney. The lesser
            fans accept the mediocrity and Disney cutting huge corners in “the product” for ONLY short term profit.

        • It’s crazy that I just returned from a 10 night trip to WDW (my 6th trip there in 8 years), and had the time of my life.
          Must be something wrong with me.
          Oh well, gotta start planning my 2017 trip.

          • Good to see Disney hasn’t fired
            CP interns for posting fake comments on the board. They’ve obvoisly fired the engineering staff. If Disney only would put half the work into making the parks actually well run instead of PR damage control.

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