PHOTOS: Projectors Installed for New Pirates of the Caribbean Segment in Fantasmic!

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A few weeks ago, we told you that Disney is developing a new version of Fantasmic! for when it returns to Disneyland Park in the Summer of 2017. Well, the revolutionary projectors for the Pirates of the Caribbean sequence in this updated show have already been installed along the Rivers of America.

New projectors in stalled for Updated Fantasmic at Disneyland Park
New projectors in stalled for Updated Fantasmic at Disneyland Park

If you are unfamiliar with the rumor, here is some information from our previous post:

When Fantasmic returns to Disneyland Park in 2017, guests will find a number of upgrades to the show on the technical side. A brand new HD projection system, lighting upgrades, and a completely new sound system (which wasn’t replaced in the 2009 overhaul) are expected in the change-over.

In addition, the show will be sporting a few new segments, including one for Pirates of the Caribbean, which would replace the Peter Pan segment which has been in the show since it debuted in 1992. Using projection mapping technology, the plan will be to turn the Sailing Ship Columbia into the Black Pearl. The ship will host a large fight between Jack Sparrow’s crew and that of Captain Barbossa. Of course, The Columbia will be re-rigged for all new stunt work featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and his pirate friends. The truly amazing part (if true) is that the projection mapping technology will follow the ship around the river, also projecting onto the performers on the boat. This effect would allow performers to change in appearance, jumping between a skeleton and human form just like the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Other new segments are expected to replace some of the older ones when Fantasmic! returns to Disneyland next year. Sadly, we have no solid information on these at this time. Work on the Sailing Ship Columbia to prepare it for these new show elements are already underway.

Disney has yet to announce the changes to the show.

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  • I can’t wait to hear what Dave has to say on this. His commenting on the original post is hilarious. That man has a dream.

    • Dave is absolutely correct. There is no POTC ever coming to Fantasmic at all and Johnny Depp will be removed from the ride within 5 years. He speaks the truth and whoever made up this false rumor needs to be beaten into a comatose pulp like what those Dodger fans did to Bryan Stow.

        • I am not Dave you idiot. They are simply new upgrades that will help people see the mist screens better and new effects for Maleficent. It’s Summer Nightastic all over again. I can also assure you that MK is getting Alien Encounter back.

  • Ugh. What part of “there is no POTC coming to Fantasmic” don’t you understand? This is a fabricated rumor made up by some faggot in a basement.

      • I’d rather shower at Penn State than be your best friend. There are no changes happening to Fantasmic and you WILL admit it. I will never rest until you do.

          • I will hop into Doc Brown’s time
            machine and cause Walt Disney to have never been born at all. I will erase Disneyland and every other park from existence.

          • Hey not dave. My mamma always said if you have nothing nice to say say it anyway.if you are not on drugs you should be. Get professional help.

          • There is nothing wrong with me. Why don’t you get help until you admit that this is a false rumor and nothing is happening to Fantasmic? Peter Pan will return, there will never be Jack Sparrow and that is a FACT.

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