SNEAK PEEK: New Additions to Haunted Mansion Holiday for 2016

The Haunted Mansion Holiday opens today at Disneyland Park, this year featuring a new but familiar face!


An all-new Sally figure has been added to the graveyard scene, as seen above. Also new this year …

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2


This year’s all-new gingerbread house – a Haunted Mansion Holiday tradition – and today guests will be able to see this monstrous masterpiece for themselves!

  1. i don’t like that they take the real Haunted Mansion away so they could do this retime for four months a year (including the down time). I hate this. Why can’t they just build a permanent, year-round Nightmare Before Christmas ride at DCA? People would love that…and then the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square would get to stay a permanent attraction. I hate the overlay. The original Mansion is my favorite ride and half the time I don’t get to go on it because it has the “overlay.”

    1. I could not agree with you more, The haunted Mansion is a classic and a favorite, it should not be touched. I hate this. Im cancelling my November trip just for this. I wish there would be a way for people like us to let the Disney organization know they are making a mistake. I bet there are tens of thousands of people that feel the same way!

  2. The retheaming is done to bring the locals back in. Disneyland attendance is driven by locals, and is not a destination resort like Disney World. The retheming brings in thousands of guests who would not otherwise go back. If you don’t like it, visit when they haven’t rethemed it. It’s an obvious and easy choice.

  3. Haunted Mansion Holiday is better. They are BOTH great, but anything that gets NBC added to it INSTANTLY gets better.

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