UPDATE: Male Guest Arrested for Attempting to Bring Loaded Firearm into Epcot, Walt Disney World

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A Louisiana Man attempted to bring a loaded firearm into the Epcot theme park on Monday, according to reports.

The weapon was found at the security check point at the entrance to the park, prior to the metal detector area. The man disclosed he had a gun on him prior to being screened. The loaded Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Automatic was found in a case underneath a jacket tied around Michael Langston of Abita Springs, LA.

The deputy wrote in the arrest report that Langston had no plans to declare his weapon to authorities and planned to bring the loaded weapon into the park. The man was arrested as he was in procession of a concealed firearm with no permit.

Our earlier report claiming the incident took place at Animal Kingdom was incorrect and was based on early inside information shared between cast members.

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  • If you want to get a gun into Disney, easy enough to do it through cast members, who aren’t screened, or put it in stroller, which isn’t screened. Crooks don’t follow laws. No way in Florida law to arrest her unless she didn’t have a concealed weapon permit. It’s a right to carry weapon if she has the permit, if someone who owns private property doesn’t want the guns on their property, they can as you to leave, and trespass you not to return if you do it again.

  • Yea, no arrest possible unless no concealed permit. Disney has it on their sites no guns, selfie sticks, etc., etc. Break rules most they can ask you to do is leave and if you refuse have you escorted off property.

    Disney is SO unsafe though, and random screenings just to make the law abiding customers ‘feel better’. Disney is a prime, soft target for a terrorist event. They will know how to get in weapons unfortunately, and Disney is soft behind the scenes.

    • Congratulations Larry! You’ve won the opportunity to be the very first person to experience WDW security’s new less “soft” screenings. Upon arrival to the security checkpoint on your next trip, just tell security your unique code “I have a gun” and they will escort you through the new screening process. Please note, this experience will last approximately 3 hours and you will want to bring something soft to sit on once your screening is completed. We also must inform you that objects found in any cavities can not be returned. We must also remind you that Theme Park admission is required. Thank you in advance for your participation and have a magical day!

      • No, Disney interested in image only. NOT safety. Your reply to Larry is not even close to reality, if you walked up and said you had a firearm and a permit, there’s not a damn thing gonna happen to you. They will ask you to take it off their private property, which would have about 4 seconds. They’re be more concerned if bringing in a selfie stick or alcohol. Put the gun in a stroller, and you’ll be fine. Or tell them you have a pacemaker. Or ask anyone who works there to carry it in.

        • You can barely make a coherent sentence. Thanks for the laughs. Let me write that in your dialect so you might better understand: “You be stupid. Not interested in making no sense. I make ha ha sounds at your talkings” Seriously, just read your post and then try to tell me you have had any sort of education.

    • Well Larry you better stay locked up in your home and hiding under the covers from “the bad people”.

      • Naw, odds are in Larry’s favor, but Disney is well overdue for a terrorist hit, or mass shooing. The fact it hasn’t had one isn’t any kudos to Disney’s cut backs in safety. Almost had one this past Summer with the Pulse shooter who scoped out the parks a couple days.

  • Since they found it at bag check, odds are it was a gun her husband gave her and she put in her purse and forgot about.

    I would just about put money on it having pink grips and/or a pink frame.

    • And I’d just about put money on you being a sexist and a misogynist. Good to know the only way a woman can get a gun is if her husband buys it for her and of course it just has to be pink! Guess she never had a chance to go and get it bedazzled!

          • I don’t know why I’m bothering since you seem to be incapable of reading, but we’ll give it a shot.

            They said the gun was found at bag check. That would mean it was in a bag. People who are serious about carrying a gun don’t just toss it in the bottom of their purse and forget about it…or forget about it at all. It’s the same with airport security. Go look at the photos of guns they catch. It’s never someone’s 1911 racegun or high end carry piece…it’s mostly J frame revolvers and small pink .380s that husbands buy for their wives because they say “Here ya go little lady, this is small and perfect for you, and it’s even a cute color, this will keep you safe!”

            Women are entirely capable of choosing their own gun, learning to shoot, and carrying responsibly. Throwing a gun into their purse and forgetting about it generally indicates they had no interest in doing any of those things and were just humoring someone else.

            Of course, nothing in my initial comment applies in this case any more since every one of the initially reported facts was wrong except that a gun existed, but that’s why you never trust the fact in any news story for the first few days.

  • I’m confused “The man disclosed he had a gun on him prior to being screened.” and then “deputy wrote in the arrest report that Langston had no plans to declare his weapon to authorities.” So did he disclose he had a gun to someone other than a deputy? Or did the deputy write a false report?

    • According to OCSO, no arrest, guest asked to please take their firearm off private property. Disney doesn’t have armed security. Bad image. I guess only the criminals who see the obvious holes in their “screening” and cast members who sneak them in the back entrances are supposed to have weapons. One day, this will bit Disney and a lot of families in the butt.

  • Yea last person to stick a gun in a stroller and or handed the gun off. Was not only arrested but had their kid taken away

  • I think people should remember that there are crazy people out here reading all of this, so please can we stop telling them how to, or giving them suggestions on how to get weapons into one of the best places to visit with families.

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