Hall of Presidents Will Close for 6 Months to Add New President

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No matter who enters the White House in 2017, the Magic Kingdom show will close for 6 months to be reworked and add the new leader of liberty.


The Hall of Presidents is scheduled to be closed from January 17th, 2017 through June 30, 2017.

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  • Sure about that? If Hillary is elected, I believe she will go in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction as the evil queen….with her poisonous narrative symbolized by the apple give to Snow White.

    • If Herr Trumpf gets in, they’ll have to enlarge the whole room to get both him and his tremendous ego in. Not to mention re-routing the air conditioning to keep the stink out of the audience, and his hair somewhere near his head.

    • And Trump will be getting his own attraction based on Robin Hood. He will portray Prince John because they’re both rich spoiled brats that think they deserve to be king, but in reality are thin skinned cry babies.

  • Good idea. In case Trump wins, that gives them 6 months for him to quit, be impeached, or start WWIII. No sense wasting the money if the only things around to see it are cockroaches and Twinkies.

  • Any work on how much the attraction will be reworked? Six months seems like a long time to add an audio animation?

    • Dude, it takes a while for a new AA to be created from scratch, a new script written and then recorded, and to physically move the characters around and get them re-programmed.

      • Wouldn’t you think they’d have two prototypes already in the works? Of course it WILL take a long time to get enough orange paint together, and record enough Trump speeches to string together one coherent sentence if he wins.

      • They’ve probably already started on the audio animatronics. In 2008, they began working on both before the election so that they would ready on time. Besides, the fact that everything you listed could be done off site. Additionally, It closed for a similar amount of time in 2008-2009 and the show was completely overhauled including new sound system, new narration, new Lincoln figure, new Washington head and speech in addition to adding Obama and his speaking part. Which is the reason I asked, should we expect a similar reworking of the attraction or just adding an audio animatronic.

  • Are there any other single-issue voters who vote based on who we’ll see as the next addition to the Hall of Presidents and feel a refurbishment this election cycle is on par with company-sanctioned vandalism?

  • I think that they should save time and money by just using the “Alien” figure from The Great Movie Ride. It can stand in for either candidate.

    • How dare you compare me to Trump. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is much more acidic than what comes out of mine.

  • Neither one of them are worthy of standing with the other figures on that stage. IF I were to vote, I would write in Mickey Mouse.

    • Is George W Bush next to George Bush Sr.? Is Teddy Roosevelt next to Franklin D Roosevelt? Is John Adams next to John Quincy Adams? actually I’m really curious, are any of them near each other?

      • You made me curious so i checked. H.W. and Dubya are a handful of presidents away. FDR and Teddy are nowhere near each other. Will be interesting to see where they place Hillary in relation to Bill.

  • 6 months? Sounds like another excuse for Disney to have less and save paying a few employees, but charge the same or more. We were at Studios this afternoon. What a freakin’ construction zone of few activities to do and huge crowds. What a let down. Ready for new Disney management more than next president!

  • I’d rather have Trump running the Walt Disney Company instead of Iger than have him as President. I have more respect for Trump than Iger or even Chapek. Those two are a disgrace upon every single Disney park and should be run out of Hollywood. Make Disney and the parks great again.

  • A Trump animatronic could really help Disney boost it’s attendance with the white trash segment of the population.


  • They’ll need the six months to record Putin’s portion of the speech if Trump wins, since Putin will be the one pulling the puppet strings. Or they won’t even bother with the charade, and they’ll just create two new animatronics — Trump and Putin holding hands.

  • Still one of my favorite all time Disney attractions. Inspiring and technically impressive. I will go again no matter who is President. But I would love to hear the President Trump automaton say: “American is fantastic! Bull eeeve me!”

  • Donald Trump is our new president and all you that don’t like it can either walk across the border to Mexico or Canada. Hillary lost cause she a liar and a crook plus she is just not qualified to be the president.

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