PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Disney VISA Card Meet and Greet Opens at Epcot with Lots of Future World Aesthetic Goodness

I don’t often freak out about tiny new meet and greet experiences at the park, but the new Disney VISA Cardholder exclusive spot at Epcot is pretty sweet.

The new location under wraps a few weeks ago.
The new location under wraps a few weeks ago.

The space once occupied by “Figment’s Place” some years ago is now the home for the spot, with the Innoventions location closing forever last Thursday. With the closure, guests can no longer enter what was Innoventions West, other than the Baymax and Inside Out meet and greet experiences that are considered part of the Epcot Character Spot.

The former Disney VISA meet and greet location, now shuttered.
The former Disney VISA meet and greet location, now shuttered.

The new locations is nestled on the patio of the Imagination pavilion, just behind the waterfall and jumping fountains, right next door to the entrance of the Disney & PIXAR Short Film Festival.

Some helpful planning information: don’t visit this early. The meet and greet is open only to Disney VISA card members from 1PM to 7PM daily. When we first went at 2pm, there was a 30 minute wait to meet Mickey and Goofy. When we returned at 5:30PM, we were the only people other than the cast members and characters in the building.

The interior is gorgeous. If you have time, please check out the video walkthrough below (featuring a pretty cute interaction with Mickey and Goofy):

While the space isn’t very big, the queue utilizes what little space it has quite well. It may be a character experience, but it is one of the things that in the park that most embodies what Future World is (as far as design goes).



These colorful Spaceship Earth panels will play music when you hold your hand to them. It’s very subtle, but similarly to the Stepping Tones inside of the ImageWorks, another instrument will kick-in as you touch them.


These mirror effects are simple, but very effective and fit the theme nicely.


Icons of Future World decorate the flat walls in the experience.


Guests then wait here until they are taken to meet Mickey and Goofy.



The new Disney VISA card member meet at greet at Epcot is a vast improvement over the original space and is sure to bring a smile to average guests and hardcore EPCOT Center fans alike.

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  1. Do you think it will always be Mickey & Goofy there or will the character rotation change now and then, like the Visa meet’n’greet at DCA in Anaheim does? The area looks great.

    1. it’s usually different combinations of characters. I have a photos from the M&G with Mickey and Pluto, Minnie and Goofy, Mickey and Goofy, and Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

  2. So I don’t understand how this is an advantage to Disney chase members? You could see Mickey and Goofy at the regular charter spot? Card members should have access to a more rare character to make it special.

  3. I have been waiting 30 years for a Figment M&G to return. I wouldn’t mind waiting 30 min to meet figment.

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