REVIEW: Buffalo Chicken Chips Replace Waffle Slider Sandwich at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Buffalo Chicken Waffle Slider at Trilobites, located in the Dinoland U.S.A. area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park has been a personal favorite of mine since it was introduced a while back. Needless to say, I was a little upset to see the dish removed from the menu at the establishment last week, but I was intrigued to see that a new Buffalo Chicken dish had replaced it.

Trilobites menu, Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park
Trilobites menu, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

The menu consists otherwise simply of ice cream treats and some drinks, so it does seem a bit odd to find Buffalo Chicken Chips on the menu. Somehow a waffle sandwich makes more sense here, but let’s see how the new dish stacks up.

Buffalo Chicken Chips ($7.99)


First off, the serving is massive for the price. Sitting next to our more expensive items from Restaurantosaurus, I couldn’t help but notice that the Buffalo Chicken Chips dish just looked much bigger. Other than that, it is the same buffalo chicken that was served in the slider, now placed over house made chips with arugula, bleu cheese, tomato, and celery.

This was surprisingly amazing. If you like buffalo chicken and the chips served at quite a few locations around property, you are going to enjoy this. The chicken was tender with a good, spicy kick from the buffalo sauce and all of the other ingredients tasted fresh and as they should.

This certainly isn’t Victoria and Albert’s, but it is a big, filling meal that hits the spot if you’re going to do counter service dining at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I don’t need to go over why you shouldn’t eat at Flame Tree Barbecue or Pizzafari again, right?


This is for sure a dish I will be ordering again should I feel the need to dine quick at the park. While I do miss the buffalo chicken waffle sandwich, I guess I can always have the sweet and spicy chicken and waffle sandwich when I go to the Magic Kingdom.

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5 years ago

i always felt that the chicken waffle slider in animal kingdom was just kind of bland, i look forward to trying this though