UPDATE: Disney World Staffing “Ride It Out” Cast for Hurricane Matthew

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Walt Disney World is currently inviting cast members to join the “Ride It Out” crew, a team that would be staffed through the storm to help accommodate guests with anything they might need. These cast members are staffed round-the-clock during storms of this nature.


This is the first time since the historic 2004 hurricane season that they have staffed this crew. These cast members will help guests stranded at the resort, offering food, drink, entertainment and more to guests.

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  • What about the hired acts who have to drive home after the shows? Surely pray for their safety…. ?

  • We’re here right now, in brand Floridian… Wondering if we should leave.. Advice??? Everyone here is acting like its no big deal..

  • You should leave ASAP. CAT 4 hurricane is nothing to take lightly. Look what Andrew did 25 years ago when it hit FL. Lived in FL since1970 and been through a few hurricanes. You could ride it out but the after math may not be pretty.

  • We left this evening and are just now arriving home in Utah. We are pleased with our decision to leave a day early and avoid any potential inconveniences. Good luck and best wishes to all those who stay willingly or cannot leave.

  • Friend staying at Caribbean Beach Resort and they are out of food! Her kids are eating candy from gift shop for dinner.

  • We are scheduled to check into Saratoga Springs this Sat, Oct 8th. Family members are driving from VA (maybe) and others from Ohio and KY. But even if we can get there it sounds like the place could be a nightmare. Staffing may be an issue at the resorts and parks (if they are even open); I suspect food services will not be that good or even short on things. The Disney experience is always unique and outstanding, but I think their employees need to be concentrating on taking care of their homes, families, relatives and friends. You can always find another time to go. This is disappointing and we are still trying to decide at this late date what to do.

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