VIDEO: First Look at “Old Man Wolverine” Film, Logan

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Today MARVEL and 20th Century Fox released the first trailer for Hugh Jackman’s final movie as Wolverine. WARNING: The trailer and film are R-rated.

The trailer holds a really somber tone throughout, which sets an appropriate stage for the final Wolverine film. Based on the comic series titled Old Man Logan, the film is set in 2024, where an old Logan needs the help of an even older Professor Xavier and a young female Wolverine clone to try and defeat Nathaniel Essex, a man who’s corporation has defeated the X-Men.

20th Century Fox is going for a darker tone after seeing the success of R-rated superhero films such as Batman v Superman and Deadpool.

Logan will hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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D.C. Movies Suck
D.C. Movies Suck

Hahahahaha! Success of Batman V. Superman? What weird alternate universe are you from where Dawn of Justice was considered a success?


$875,000,000 Worldwide gross.
5th highest of any 2016 movie on the Planet.

I had zero interest…..and didn’t see it.
But it was clearly financially successful.