VIDEO: Get An Unobscured Look at Star Wars & Toy Story Land Construction in Our Latest Expansion Update

This week, with Hurricane Matthew coming through, some of the tarps and such that would regularly obstruct the views through the walls and fences surrounding the Star Wars and Toy Story Land construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were temporarily removed. With those coverings gone, we got a nice clear view of exactly what is going on in the former Backlot area of the park, and we share that with you now in our latest video update of the ongoing expansion:

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    1. Congratulations Jonathon! You’ve unlocked today’s Daily Disney Fact! What you may call piles of rubble is actually piles of pixie dust. Disney is very protective of how they use pixie dust to create the exciting shows and attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort. This video provides a rare look almost never seen by guests and many Bothans died to bring us this information.

  1. They should just close the park and work 24/7 to get it done as fast as possible. #NeverGonnaHappen

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