BREAKING: Opening Date Set for Iron Man Experience, First-Look Inside the Amazing Queue & More

BREAKING: Opening Date Set for Iron Man Experience, First-Look Inside the Amazing Queue & More
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(HONG KONG, NOVEMBER 7, 2016) The much-awaited Disney Parks’ first Marvel-themed ride, Iron Man Experience – Presented by AIA, will launch at Hong Kong Disneyland on January 11, 2017. For the very first time, this new ride-through attraction is featuring a story based in Hong Kong. Guests will be able to soar through Hong Kong’s skies alongside Iron Man and battle the evil forces of Hydra in the multi-sensory immersive motion experience.

“Hong Kong Disneyland is excited to bring the first-ever Marvel-themed ride in a Disney Park to Hong Kong,” said Samuel Lau, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. “The Iron Man Experience is a unique immersive motion experience using Hong Kong as the story background for the very first time. We are proud to give local and overseas guests a different perspective and experience of Hong Kong while promoting our vibrant city to the world at the same time.”

The Resort today also announced a corporate alliance with AIA, which will be the presenting sponsor of the Iron Man Experience.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Hong Kong Disneyland in presenting Disney Parks’ first Marvel-themed ride, Iron Man Experience,” said Jacky Chan, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong and Macau. “This initiative is in perfect alignment with the criteria of AIA Hong Kong’s sponsorship strategy. It is a popular world-class event that can be enjoyed by members of the public. The event will create happy memories with the community, it also strengthens our brand promise to be ‘The Real Life Company’ by bringing an exciting experience to people of all ages. Most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to make a positive difference by helping people live healthier, better and happier lives.”

Take flight with Iron Man above Hong Kong

The eminent innovator and pioneer, Tony Stark has selected Tomorrowland in Hong Kong Disneyland to host Stark Expo, where he will show off his latest high-tech creations in various exhibition halls – the Hall of Legacy, the Hall of Protection, the Hall of Energy and the Hall of Mobility. Guests will be among the first to explore Tony Stark’s latest innovations up close and fly in a gravity-defying Iron Wing flight vehicle in Iron Man Experience. He has also made Hong Kong the Asia headquarters of Stark Industries hereafter.

The park has spent over three years to design and create Iron Man Experience – complete with flight simulators, 3-D projection, surround sound and other special effects that immerse guests in the Marvel story of a battle with the evil forces of Hydra.

For the first time, the park has integrated strong Hong Kong elements into a park attraction by using Hong Kong and its skyline for the fly-through ride. After putting on a pair of StarkVision glasses and taking off on Stark Industries’ special Expo-edition Iron Wing, guests will make their way to the Hong Kong Stark Tower powered by the arc reactor and whizz alongside Iron Man through streets that resemble those in West Kowloon and downtown, and fly over iconic Hong Kong landmarks like Tsing Ma Bridge, Victoria Harbour and the city’s pristine mountain ranges.


More Iron Man-themed experiences to be discovered at Tomorrowland

The Iron Man Experience will be complemented by a range of Iron Man-themed experiences unveiling at Tomorrowland in the run up to the grand launch of the Stark Expo. The brand-new Expo Shop is already opened to greet guests with a tantalizing range of 70-plus Hong Kong Disneyland exclusive Iron Man merchandise items and more than 250 items of Marvel-themed memorabilia, among them collectibles and toys, glowing key chains, souvenirs as well as apparels and accessories. Some of the exclusive apparels feature Hong Kong’s postcard-perfect scenery or Stark Expo themes.

In the Expo Shop, Iron Man fans get to try on Iron Man’s armor suit in the interactive game Become Iron Man at The Stark Expo. Through interactive motion-sensing technology, guests can experience the various functions of the armor and feel what it is like to be a super hero as they fight the forces of evil while zipping through streets that closely resemble Hong Kong. Guests can also take home a memento package featuring a digital photo collage of their Become Iron Man adventure, as well as a digital download of an approximately 35-second video of their transformation.

The park and hotel restaurants have prepared more than 25 Iron Man-themed food and beverage choices to refuel during the intense Iron Man Experience. Among the delectable choices are an Iron Man Waffle, Iron Man stein, Iron Man desserts at Chef Mickey Buffet and Iron Man beverages served at the resort hotels.

At the Iron Man Tech Showcase presented by Stark Industries, guests will find various Iron Man armor suits. Iron Man will also make his first appearance at Hong Kong Disneyland to meet and interact with guests.

Guests may chance upon an opportunity of a sneak preview, when the Iron Man Experience Sneak Peek is held from December 23, 2016 to January 8, 2017. Starting from December 23, 2016*=, guests staying at the resort’s two hotels will receive a Priority Admission Pass of Iron Man Experience to shorten the wait for their turn on the Marvel-themed ride.

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  • Jealous!! Who would imagine that WDW parks in Asia would leave USA parks to rot. Obviously not fully run by Disney over there. Wish Disney would hire them to run FL and CA!

      • No it’s NOT run fully by Disney. China government even has more of a hand in this than Disney, as well as the profit long term. The parks there no comparison. Have you been? WDW Florida and Cali parks more like a run down old crowded carnival in comparison. Bob Iger has all but neglected the USA parks. It shows sadly. Our family gets to travel a lot and are huuuuuge Disney fans. Hard to stay positive on Florida parks. Very poorly managed. All about immediate term profit. Not so in their Asia parks. Iger did get some epic media francises though. Maybe next CEO will expand and improve USA parks more so, or they really should sell them or have operated by someone with long term horizon. No wonder my Disney stock in the toilet year to date too. ?

          • Then you should probably ask the jail warden to get you another dose of your psych meds Moe. Step away from your computer please. ?

        • Disney Hong Kong is quite small compared to any of the Disney park. The only attraction that you might be jealous about is the Adventurer’s Club inspired Mystic Manor.

          Hong Kong Castle is really a pittance compared to MK in Orlando.

          I’m doubtful at this “new” one, as it looks like a ripoff of Star Tours.

          And don’t worry, the whole crappy Toy Story Land from Disney Hong Kong will be soon available in HS

          • No offense..You obviously have not been. You’re talking out of your lack of knowledge here. WDW Florida is nowhere as near polished as Asian parks in ANY way, and NO plans to make USA parks to same standard.

            • Oh Andrea, you’re so wrong…. Been there 3 times already since it opened. So save your condescending tone. It might be newer, but is a lot duller with respect to Florida with the sole exception of what I just told you. I’ve bought my tickets in 3 different places: online and retrieved at the park, at MTR’s Central station and at the park’s vending machines.

              And enjoy the lack of personal space at Disney Hong Kong in those lines

          • What a lie Pete. Anyone who has been would say ‘what the hell is wrong with the USA WDW parks”. It would be like comparing beef and service from Ponderosa to Ruths Chris. WDW parks in USA are on a cut back, maximize immediate profit program. Asian parks don’t has nearly the Disney influence, China makes the rules, and it’s built for legacy and growth.

            • Growth? In Lantau Island? Do you have any idea how scarce land is in Hong Kong? Who’s the ignorant!

              You just invalidated your whole statement.

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