Doctor Strange is Taking Over Marvel PC and Mobile Games

To celebrate the upcoming release of Doctor Strange, Marvel is bringing the titular hero to a handful of popular PC and mobile games.

As of now, the following games now include special Doctor Strange content:

Marvel Future Fight

Future Fight now includes eight new characters, five of which are inspired by the movie Doctor Strange. Characters include Baron Mordo, Wong, Kaecilius, the Ancient One, and Doctor Strange. The game will also be getting some new modes like “King of the Hill” and “Epic Quest.” The PvP mode “King of the Hill” mode will be pretty standard. Work your way to the thrown to reign supreme for as long as possible. The PvE mode, “Epic Quest,” will have players completing missions alongside Doctor Strange, during the events of the film.

Marvel Tsum Tsum

A new Doctor Strange themed map and puzzle are now in the game, as well as characters from the film. Mephisto, Doctor Strange, Ancient One, and Baron Mordo are all now included as cute little Tsum Tsums.


Come November 3, the following games will start including some Doctor Strange content:

Marvel Heroes 2016

Updates for this game include Doctor Strange outfits, as well as Doctor Strange and Mordo team-ups. “Invaders from the Dark Dimension” is a new event where players will face demons in New York, during the events of the movie.


Marvel Contest of Champions

Embark on “Sorcerer’s Conclave,” a new quest that features characters from the upcoming movie. The new characters have new abilities, such as teleportation and urgent portals. Players can also head to Mirror Dimension to take on special missions.


Marvel Puzzle Quest

Teleport to new areas as Doctor Strange, that will impact the story in a new mission called “Strange Sight.” Meet new characters from the movie like Doctor Strange and Kaecillus the Vengeful.


Finally on November 4, the same day that the movie hits theaters, one more game will get a Doctor Strange overhaul:

Marvel Avengers Academy

Starting weekly, new characters from the Doctor Strange universe will be added to the game. Marvel Avengers Academy will also be getting some new environments, such as Sanctum Sanctorum and Night Nurse’s Hospital.


There you have it. Tons of new Doctor Strange themed content on the way for Marvel games. If you can’t wait for the movie to release later this week, you can indulge in the many free-to-play games featuring Doctor Strange content.


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