PHOTOS: Annual Passholder Exclusive Entrance Lines Now Open at Walt Disney World

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The Passholder-only entrance lines debuted today at Walt Disney World, allowing annual passholders to take advantage of express entry into the theme parks during the busiest time of year.

Signage directs passholders to their exclusive entrance.

Signage over the Annual Passholder entrance at the Magic Kingdom.

Our thanks to WDWNT’s own Jesse DeRosa for the pics.


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  • Great news! Do we have our own security checkpoint, as well? The security bag check can get pretty backed up at times.

      • Thanks, Captain. I thought it was the chocolate covered sarcasm oozing from you response.
        Have a magical day!

    • Oh the security lines can get pretty backed up at times? How sad. In my day we had to wait in 15 mile lines to get through security going in AND out! And we didn’t have “smart phones” for instasnapping and snapgramming our duck faces. The only phones we had were made with 2 cups tied together with a piece of string, but the string usually broke in the first 30 seconds, so then we used to say we had “cordless” phones. If only we would’ve known that’d be a real thing one day. We’d be rich! And we wouldn’t have to wait in any lines. Lines are the worst…. what were we talking about again?

  • Do you know if you can bring guests through this entrance? My wife and I are passholders, but our son (7 years old) is not. Could we bring him with us through this entrance?

    • Of course you can bring your son Philip! Just as soon as you stop being a cheapskate and buy him his own annual pass. Furthermore, what heartless parents get annual passes for themselves but not their child?

      Have a Magical Day!

  • My husband and I are passholders but kids and family friend going with us are not. Can they go thru line with us?

  • We were at the park today. What a damn joke. Honestly. They have this line, and seem to have just closed one of the other entrances to use this. It only adds confusion. NO extra lines are open. NO extra perk. They STILL have more lines roped off closed creating a crowd. Just people questioning, as above, when one guest has a pass and the other’s don’t, where to go. FYI, the cast members didn’t seem to care less. Whatever in your hand if it turns green, they say “NEXT”.

    • We’re at MK today too. It only seems to be a way to put up and “advertising sign that they have annual pass holders and treat them specially” No real perk for pass holders, or others. Lines all long. Many lines as stated above are closed, which is senseless during their busy time. Cheap!

  • They just want to sell more annual passes. It’s advertising. And if someone thinks that a ‘new line for them makes it better’ then they might buy one. Meanwhile, they have cut back on staffing at turnstiles. Creates more demand, for a shorter line. Lame, huh? No new lines are open, so it’s just as long to get in.

  • I have never in my life seen more miserable people. You are all so very cranky and are acting like a bunch of freaking babies. Are you all really getting nasty over this post. You all need to go find a hobby and and stop whining like a bunch of jerks. Merry Christmas

    • Alex, I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately these negative posts are by the same person, just trying to get you angry. Ignore the idiot

      • Jeff, go troll somewhere else. Looks like several people to me, and we have annual passes and they regularly close lines to save on staff costs we’re assuming. The new lines will not help get anyone moving faster, and add confusion. It’s just a cheap way to get people to buy annual passes.

      • But Jeff, if she ignores the idiot than she’ll never read your comment about ignoring the idiot.

          • what a freakin’ baby. there’s more people than you with the name and if you don’t like Disney or are just a college PR intern there paid to troll sites for comments by fans who know when they’re being duped… go away. you won’t be missed Alex.

  • Leave it to Disney Fans to try and create controversy about something that nobody cares about and operates the way common sense would dictate it should.

    • Leave it to a troll to not be smart enough to recognize that this creates longer lines, and another downgrade in service from somewhere people are a fan of the brand. If you don’t like Disney, and don’t like this site or the comments from people who want management to do a better job than this, go away Jeff. From this site, or life for that matter. Nobody will miss you.

    • So how exactly is this operating on common sense? I have no idea if you’re a pass holder or not, if you are, than I would see how you would think it’s common sense. I also can not fully judge the situation because I haven’t seen it, but what I can judge is from the picture taken. There is NOBODY in the pass holder line, it’s just two cast members talking to each other. This raises two flags, the first being why is it necessary to always have this line? I don’t know what time of day this photo was taken, if it was when the park first opens, than great, it gets pass holders in faster and cuts down the regular line so cast members can better assist those they have no clue what they’re doing. If this was later after the initial rush, than why are there two cast members manning an empty line, and really why is there anyone over there? If they’re not scheduling additional cast members, they should use them to help get regular guests through, you know as common sense would dictate. I think that a pass holder line is a wonderful idea, when it’s needed during busy times, but when it’s not, than use the cast members where they’re needed. The other flag that it raises is why are these two cast members standing there doing nothing but talking to each other? As a former cast member, I know they’re encouraged to always be interacting with guests when they’re not actively doing something, it’s just bad show for them to be standing around talking. Which is kind of the overall issue that many of these Disney fans that you speak of take issue with, regardless of what’s a money grab or not, there is much less focus on quality than there used to be. So if you think an empty line with zero guest interaction is common sense, than I’m afraid you have no sense.

      • I’ve seen it, so I can judge it. I’m a passholder, and all they did was take one of the other regular lanes away, and make it for pass holders. It slows everything down. People aren’t sure if they’re with someone with passholder if they can come in. is a magic band holder a passholder. Is a cast member a passholder. It’s obviously only for advertisement, at the expense of a slow down and confusion to ALL guests. Bad Move Disney .

        • I would think that an annual passholder entrance is for ANNUAL PASSHOLERS. Last time I checked having a magic band does not make you an annual passholder. Last I checked people using their Cast Member tickets are not annual passholders.

          We have some serious special ed’s posting on this website.

      • This post perfectly describes what I am talking about. The fact that there is a line to get in but no line for AP’s is the WHOLE POINT OF IT. Wow…

        • The whole point is to make non AP’s wait in a longer line as long as AP’s have no wait at all? Well aren’t you just an entitled little prick. I hear as an AP you can make custodians wipe your butt and you can make your server prechew your food. Of course with your attitude I’m sure you’re probably already very experienced injesting saliva from waiters and cooks.

  • What a bunch of rude little children. I feel very bad for anybody that is in any of your presence over the Christmas season. You all sound like a bunch of liberals who are always owed something. News flash, you all have a choice if you hate Disney so much. Stay the hell home. They don’t need miserable losers like you people there.

    • Dearest Nicholas,

      I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for being such a fine example of self righteous a-holes and how important they are to keep people from allowing their friends and loved ones to become horrible human beings. By your example everyone can learn that when you have a negative opinion of others that there are ways to go about opening a dialogue without resorting to insults or broad, often incorrect, generalizations that fit your narrow minded views. Thank you again for being an inspiration to those young and old, you truly are worthy of being the ghost of Christmas douchbagery.

    • What a troll, coming on a forum where people are fans, and bashing them, when it’s obvious Disney didn’t add a new lane to do this, the took one away! So….follow your same advice. If you hate the forum so much, stay the hell off to this website. No need for miserable losers such as you people here.

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