PHOTOS, VIDEO: Camp Woodchuck Opens at Tokyo Disneyland with New Restaurant & Meet and Greet

Last month, November 22, 2016, the newest area called Camp Woodchuck opened at Tokyo Disneyland. Located in the back of Westernland this small area is themed after the Junior Woodchucks. It has a new restaurant called Camp Woodchuck Kitchen and a new Meet and Greet with Donald and Daisy.

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen


This two-story quick service restaurant is quite impressive and has enough detail to keep any fan of the Junior Woodchucks busy. They serve a waffle and chicken sandwich with maple syrup as their main dish. Which has its own restaurant specific packaging. Also, it has their own version of a S’more as a dessert.

More photos over at TDR Explorer.

Donald and Daisy Greeting Trails


Donald and Daisy have their own greeting areas in the back of Camp Woodchuck in their new outfits. The queue also shows off a brand new animatronic.

Camp Woodchuck Merchandise

Anything new at Tokyo Disneyland is not complete without brand new merchandise. There’s plenty of it.

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