PHOTOS: New Monkey Exhibit Opens at Animal Kingdom

This week, the lion-tailed macaque exhibit along the Maharajah Jungle Trek attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom finally opened.

The new exhibit is located towards the beginning of the walkthrough, just before the bat house.

Guests here can observe the creatures through glass windows, which there are two sets of at opposite corners of the exhibit.

In the exhibit are 3 females from Cologne, Germany and 1 male of the species from Colorado. The male has been trying to assert dominance over the others but has not been successful as of yet.

They are ground foragers in nature, but just like your kids, they apparently won’t eat the broccoli you give them…

If you want to see these cute little guys, they are now located in the Maharajah Jungle Trek walkthrough in Asia.

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4 years ago

Now everyone’s going to be asking if people “wanna see macaque” haha. We’re doing Animal Kingdom on Tuesday, looking forward to it – hope it doesn’t rain too much (the only day of rain fore-casted so far for our trip). I’ve done that park before in the pouring rain and we still got a lot done but it was harsh.