PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 12/14/16 (DINOSAUR Returns, Flame Tree Expands, Christmas Decor, Etc.)

In our latest photo report, we take a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park to see what’s news and exciting as 2016 draws to a close.

Merry Christmas from Animal Kingdom!

Flame Tree Barbecue Expansion

The new dining gazebo at Flame Tree Barbecue finally opened a few weeks ago.

Have a Wild Holiday!

The kitschy decor in Dinoland U.S.A. continues to be a favorite of mine.

Animal Kingdom boasts some of the best decorations in all of Walt Disney World.


DINOSAUR reopened a few weeks ago from its lengthy, multi-month refurbishment boasting a number of upgrades and fixes.

The first section of the queue added a number of new display cases, as well as removing the large mural that once stood at the left end of the room.

The graphics package for all of the existing displays were updated as well.

Here is where the mural once stood.

Many of the items on display are on loan from Texas Christian University’s College of Science and Engineering.

As for the ride itself, a number of effects were fixed, most notably the laser field that appears over the Iguanadon in the finale scene, indicating that he indeed was captured and transported back to the institute. This effect is simple, but has been broken since the earliest days of the ride’s existence, dating back to Countdown to Extinction. A new effect replaced the long static “Compsognathus” dinosaurs who appeared to jump over the Time Rover, a large screen with video of these creatures doing this action. Overall, the ride looks amazing and the changes are all positive. This is one of the finest attraction refurbishments I have ever seen, and much needed for our beloved DINSOAUR.

The graphics along the exit of the attractions were updated as well and look great… other than the fact that the logos get cut off in the frame…

This and That

I had to pay a visit to my favorite Christmas decoration in all of Walt Disney World on my last visit…


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4 years ago

The Christmas decorations are the most tacky at Animal Kingdom. Makes no sense. The Dinosaur ride needs to go away for Indiana Jones Adventure. We can all wish. The Dinosaur display cases are boring.

4 years ago

I personally love the kitschy decor at AK, and DINOSAUR is my favorite! So glad to see some love poured into this attraction. Can’t wait to see it for myself!!