REVIEW: Germany at Epcot Now Has Jumbo Pretzels Bigger Than Your Head

If you ever thought that the already huge pretzels sold in the Germany pavilion at Epcot were just not big enough, do we have some great news for you today…


The carts and counter service location in World Showcase’s Germany pavilion are now selling what they call a Jumbo Pretzel, which comes out to about $10.00 with tax. How can a pretzel be $10 you ask?



It can be $10.00 when it is this big. Just how big is this? To give you a better idea of the size of this monstrosity, please check out the video below:


Who would need a pretzel this large? Well, in my experience, pretzels are often a shared snack between groups of guests, so selling a giant one isn’t that crazy. Sadly, I feel the same about this pretzel as I do about the smaller version that they once sold here. It is fairly bland and mostly flavorless, even with copious amounts of mustard, and I imagine the only way to enjoy one is to ensure that you are buying it when they are fresh out of the oven.

Well, based on the size of these, it is nice to see that the show building for the Rhine River Cruise attraction is being used for something, even if it is just dough storage… This is a joke by the way.


Personally I would stick with the cream cheese or Mickey Mouse pretzels sold elsewhere around the Walt Disney World Resort, but if you need this much pretzel, you now know where to find it.

5 thoughts on “REVIEW: Germany at Epcot Now Has Jumbo Pretzels Bigger Than Your Head”

  1. WOW. Looks large and pretty authentic to Germany minus the size, but 10 bucks! Can’t cost more than 20 cents to make. Thanks for the review though. A step up from the other ones they sell around resort that are kinda stale tasting, like they were frozen a long while.

  2. Thats the standard size for pretzels sold at the Oktoberfest in Munich. They cost 6 Euro which is about $6,20. It uses 5 times the dough amount of a regular sized pretzel. Traditionally you eat one of those in groups and with just a “Maß” (1 Liter mugs used at the Oktoberfest) of Bavarian beer. Germans don’t eat any mustard or anything else to their pretzels.

    • You got ripped of in Oktoberfest then, don’t feel bad, if you’re on a Disney forum, you’re probably used to it. Hippodrom tent, pretzel at least a third than Disney’s new one was 3 euro, that’s just over 3 bucks. Only the tourists go for them for a photo shot. The standard pretzels a bit smaller than one at Disney is 1 euro. About a buck. Disney beer 600% higher cost and pretzel about 400%. Not good value. BUT, better looking pretzel than the crappy pretzels served everywhere else in the park. I’d get one for novelty!

  3. These pretzels are terrible. Zero taste and always stale. They should be soft and chewy, not break apart into dust. Just stick around to 9:15, walk up and say you want a pretzel. Nine out of ten times they just hand them to you and say free because they are closing. Not worth more than that.

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