All Three ‘Disney Infinity’ Gold Editions Now on Steam

screenshot-2016-12-11-03-09-37All three Disney Infinity games are now available for PC through Steam in the form of Gold Editions.

For $30 each, or $60 for a bundle containing all three, players will gain access to everything that the games have to offer, minus the online functionality.

Each game contains every Play Set and character that was originally released. For example, Disney Infinity 1.0 has every 1.0 character automatically unlocked, as well as every 1.0 Play Set. However, Disney Infinity 3.0 contains every 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 character, as well as every 3.0 Play Set.

There will be no need for a portal to access the Play Sets or characters. Everything will be selectable through in-game menus.

If you have played either Disney Infinity 2.0 or Disney Infinity 3.0 on PC before, you will have until December 22 to transfer your old save data to the new Gold Edition at no cost.

Back in October we reported that a Gold Edition of Disney Infinity 3.0 was on the way, and it is now available for download. Not only that, but Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 are also now available as Gold Editions.

With the series now over for good, there is no better way to access all the great content of the Disney Infinity franchise.