1/19/17 Marvel News Mash-Up (Logan Trailer, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, ETC.)

 Final Trailer For “Logan” Shows A Lot Of X-23 Being Savage

The final trailer for “Logan” has been released and X-23 really goes to town in this one. Maybe a little too much was revealed in this trailer. Leave your kids home for this one. Well, it’s rated R.

Source: 20th Century Fox UK

Miles Morales Official Confirmed To Be The “Spider-Man” In Sony’s Theatrical Animated Movie

It turns out that the rumors were true, Miles Morales will be making the leap to the big screen in Sony’s 2018 animated Spider-Man movie. This was confirmed by Sony during a presentation in LA showing Sony’s 2017 film slate.

I for one am really looking forward to seeing Miles Morales make his bog screen debut. We have seen Peter Parker’s origin story so many time in live action and animated form, it’s time for something new. And Miles is a great Spider-Man. And you have to love that suit!

Source: Sony

Is Pierce Brosnan Going To Play Cable In Deadpool?

Please no. No one is sure what is going on with this picture showing Pierce Brosnan sitting between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Ryan Reynolds posted this image the other day with the caption, Wolvie. Bond. Wade. I’m really hoping these guys just met up for happy hour because no way would Pierce Brosnan make a good Cable.


My personal opinion is he hijacked the James Bond series for years giving us the absolute worst version of James Bond ever. The guy is a good looking guy but he can not act to save his life. I would not want to see him play a janitor in Deadpool 2. Got to give credit to Ron D’Anna suggesting Bruce Willis to play Cable. I’d go with Ron Pearlman. Cable has to be a tough guy, down and dirty. That is not Pierce Brosnan. I mean his name is Pierce for crying out loud!

Source: Ryan Reynolds

Entertainment Weekly Gives Us Our First Look At “The Defenders”

Whoever put this cover together at Entertainment Weekly should be fired. This looks horrible. Luke Cage looks great but you couldn’t put Daredevil and Iron Fist in their costumes? It’s just a horrible photoshop with ugly comic like fonts.

This is The Defenders!

I am so not looking forward to this series and this picture explains why. This is not The Defenders. I have said this before but The Defenders should be on the big screen, not Netflix. And at some point they should fight The Avengers. The Avengers would wipe the floor with this version of The Defenders. The Defenders were Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Silver Surfer and Namor. OK, Fox owns the Silver Surfer movie rights but they have everyone else, including Namor (according to some Marvel execs). Call the Netflix Marvel Heroes, The Hells Kitchen 4 or whatever you want. Not The Defenders. End of rant.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Sideshow Collectibles Corner

“Captain America Statue”

This is beautiful! The perfect Captain America! Hire this team to make Captain America’s costume for the big screen because they have never gotten it right! Can’t we get this? How hard can it be? Chain link! Big star on the chest! Normal looking red and white stripes! And one version has feathers by the ears!

Back to the statue. Right now this is just a prototype but you know that the final product will look either as good or better. Here is the description from SideShow Collectibles:

Sideshow is proud to present America’s mightiest hero in all of his patriotic glory!
Inspired by the most iconic incarnations of the stalwart champion of justice, this all new 15” statue by Sideshow depicts Cap in his trademark red, white and blue uniform, shield raised, and ready to take down evil-doers with a swift right hook!
Captain America’s costume features blue scale mail armor with a bold white star emblazoned on the chest. Each detail down to the texture has been beautifully rendered, from his contrasting red and white striped undershirt to the rich red leather of his boots and gloves.
His modified army-issue belt with its multiple pouches gives a nod toward his military service, while his helmet/mask protects his head and face as well as his identity!
This Sideshow exclusive version offers an alternate head sculpt inspired by the Silver Age comic books. This variant portrait features Cap’s classic stitched leather cowl with white wings and a bold “A” symbol on the forehead. 
This Captain America Statue is available for preorder exclusively at SideShow Collectibles.
Source: SideShow
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