Flame Tree Barbecue Retiring Signature Barbecue Sauce

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Even though I panned it unmercifully in our review, one of the staples of Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom has been its signature and exclusive barbecue sauces. Well, one of those sauces will soon be no more…

According to cast members at the establishment, the regular barbecue sauce is in short supply and should be running out soon. The cast members stated that they were informed that it will not be restocked and instead they will simply be distributing only the Heinz Barbecue Sauce packets. The sweet and spicy sauce made just for the restaurant will remain, however.

I prefer the sweet and spicy sauce myself, but I know that many will miss this exclusive sauce at Flame Tree Barbecue. Will you?

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  • It’s weird that they serve Heinz Barbecue Sauce and Heinz Brand Honey Mustard, but the ketchup and mustard packets I used last week were off brand…

  • That sauce was actually pretty good. Still a few more touches that were unique for Disney management to kill. FlamenTree has really cut meat quality to sub dog food grade, doubled price, and cut staff resulting in long waits and dirty tables. No joke. Heinz provides their products to them basically free in exchange for advertising. I bet Disney is contemplating a fee for condiments.

    • Thanks Fiona for your great response. We are trying to get encourage the Walmart crowd to not come back, we are cutting staff so we can piss you off all day long. We love people like you who complain about crap like this!
      Please do not return

      • Actually Disneys crowd is cheaper than Walmart. Now their BBQ sauce is too. Why Disney is clipping what makes them unique is dumb dumb.

  • Flame Tree sucks now anyhow. Used to buy really decent ribs and chicken, now it’s worse than McRibs, at 10x the cost! They also close many of the registers and they added a huge cue line to make up for their cut backs. Terrible.

    • Thank you David for your lovely response. We look forward to you enjoying your McRibs at McDonald’s. Our goal is to get rid of walmarters like you.
      Take care and enjoy your McRib at McDonald’s.

      • We know your reply is fake as no management team at Disney World. Just bean counters who aren’t fans of the brand making movies as fast and cheap as they can and with theme parks cutting every corner possible and then some.

        • Congratulations Hal, you’ve unlocked the first ever Alternative Disney Fact of the Day! The Walt Disney Company actually uses a non traditional system for all management decisions for all Company matters. We have rooms for each division with index cards on the wall with various ideas and concepts. We then place a number of management monkeys that will look at the wall and fling their poo at it. Whichever cards are hit are how we decide what soon to be hit movies, television shows, and theme park attractions to bring to you. We’ve found this to be the most fool proof system, how else could we have ever thought to bring you such memorable experiences such as Extreme Makeover, Rocket Rods, Stitches Great Escape, Journey into Your Imagination, and who can forget the monkeys’ ground breaking decision to cast Johnny Depp as a Native American and Jake Gylenhall as a Persian? We assure you our monkeys have more great ideas that are coming down the popeline, unless they’re needed in the parks to work as service monkeys of course. We hope you enjoyed this exciting alternative Disney Fact!

        • The Walt Disney Company actually does not employ bean counters as beans have not been an acceptable form of payment in almost 500 years.

    • David we are terribly sorry for the response that you previously received from management. I can assure you that they have been promptly terminated. We apologize for your disappointment in the lose of quality in Flame Tree’s meat. Unfortunately we discovered that our previous supplier was severely inhumane to their animals and in the interest of animal welfare, we chose to switch suppliers. Because these animals are humanely raised, it comes at a much greater cost, so in order to keep our prices the same, we were forced to switch to their lower quality live stock. We assure you that these animals are still perfectly safe for consumption and you have the peace of mind that these animals lived humane lives.

      Have a Magical Day!

      • David, I can assure you these jokers above do not work for the Disney organization, as most of our employees are not only incapable of thinking for themselves, but also can’t write english. I can assure you we take great pride in the quyality of food and level of service we provide. We’d like to offer our sincerest apologies as we’ve always striven to minimally match the quality of McRibs. To hear we’ve fallen short deeply pains me. Please call us at 976.WDW.2HOT and we’d be happy to provide you with a packet of coupons for a lifetime’s supply of free McRibs from your local participating* McDonalds restaurant. (*offer excludes all US owned and operated restaurants)

        • Nice try “Daryl”. I’ve read Walt Disney’s biography 3 times and I know he never had a brother named Daryl. I also know you’re a fraud because you said employees, everyone that’s closely involved with Disney knows that employees are referred to as Cast Members. You must be pretty pathetic to speak so negatively about the cast members that work so hard to make sure you have a magical experience. Go do something better with your time like getting actual sunlight you basement dwelling troll.

          • David, I am sorry but we do not refer to management level employees as cast members. They are never on stage so that name would make no sense. Some may refer to them as team members, but that is offensive to me since we prefer to work in a vacuum without thinking about what the others are working on. Remember, there is no I in team.

            I am not sure what books about brother Walt you have read, but I am indeed Walt’s other brother Daryl. Many don’t know, but Walt has three unspoken brothers: Larry, me and our brother Daryl. We are a bit of an embarassment to the family, so they tend to brush us under the rug. We spend most of our time in Vermont but do attend weekly management meetings via Skype.

            I checked and you never claimed your free McRibs coupons. I am sorry, but we have decided to rescind the offer.

        • Larry, if only you knew the power of the Dis Side. It is your destiny. You can destroy Emperor Iger, he has foreseen it. Join me, and together, we can rule the Disney World as CEO and Executive Assistant. Come with me, it is the only way.

  • Disney is replacing Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree Barbecue sauce with some garbage Heinz packets – Orlando Metro Bugle says:

    […] unofficial Disney World news site WDW News Today is now reporting that the regular barbecue sauce is now being phased […]

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